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Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet

$495.00 $395.00
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 Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet Features

  • NRR 19 noise reduction rating (over 65% noise reduction at ears)
  • High quality lightweight fiberglass shell
  • High density EPS Styrofoam helmet padding
  • Inner lining and pads made of a soft moisture wicking material
  • Comfortable washable lining and pads
  • India quick release buckle on chin strap
  • Comes with extra tinted windshield for bright sunny days
  • Meets or exceeds: DOT FMVSS 218


  • Around ear noise reduction muffs incorporated into helmet design               ($50.00 value)
  • Air line plumbing system to force earmuffs to seal around ears installed      ($60.00 value)
  • HD helmet speaker installed in earmuffs with speaker line to cell phone       ($60.00 value)
  • Extra smoke tinted windshield for bright sunny days included in box            ($29.95 value)
  •                                                       Value of exclusive features              $199.95

Helmet design is more toward round design. As a rule of thumb, you should order same size helmet (M,L,XL,or XXL) that fits your head at the present time. If helmet does not fit, you can return for larger or smaller size.


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  1. Quieter than AVG, Shoei, Nolan, Arai...etc.

    Posted by How Chang on 13th Nov 2016

    Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
    How Chang Rides: 2010 Kawasaki Concours 14

    The helmet is awesome. I had ridden over 60 miles ‎per hour and the noise disturbance was significantly reduced. I have 7 other helmets (AGV, Shoei, Nolan, Arai...etc) but none can compare to this helmet. I highly recommend this helmet to anyone who wants a quiet ride on high speed.

    How Chang

  2. A friend turned me onto Quiet Ride Helmets

    Posted by Kurtis Terpstra on 11th Oct 2016

    Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
    Rides: 2006 Honda VTX 1800N spec 3

    It started out as a last second, late season, after work ride with friends that turned me on to your QR products. Half way through our ride we stopped to stretch our legs and I noticed one of the riders had this cool looking helmet with this weird apparatus on the front and a cool blinking blue light. You should know I'm easily distracted. I asked him what the story was on his helmet. He filled me in on your product and asked if I wanted to try his QRH on. Granted, we were just standing in a parking lot but as I was squeezing the bladder I noticed his voice becoming quieter with each squeeze. I was impressed. AND, remember that blinking blue light? Turns out it was a Bluetooth attachment!! He said he could listen to music, make phone calls, speak to text and speak to up to 3 other connected riders.
    To be honest, he had me at Bluetooth. So I went home and researched your product on your website. I was intrigued. I ride a Honda VTX 1800N with a pair of Cobra's that do nothing but growl. I know loud pipes saves lives but they do nothing to save your ears or hearing. If your helmet did nothing else but quiet my ride, I was in. The Bluetooth option would just be a bonus. Albeit a absolutely huge bonus.
    My wife has her own bike too, so I ordered 2 carbon fiber full face helmets with the HD speaker upgrade late on a Tuesday night. They showed up Friday afternoon..............that is 2 days if you're doing the math. I figured you guys were just showing off at that point.
    The first thing I noticed was the weight of the box. Keep in mind I ordered 2 helmets. The box weighed nearly nothing at all. I found 2 very stylish helmets inside (L, XL) complete with a storage bag and extra tinted shield each. At our first opportunity we took the helmets out for a test drive or would it be a test fit?
    To make an already long story shorter the helmets passed with flying colors. I have to get used to a full face helmet again. However the noise cancelling properties are as advertised. It is amazing how things sound when the rushing sound of wind is almost eliminated. Also, I do not have to crank up the volume to hear my music as in the past. The speakers performed very well at normal levels with the absence of all that wind noise.
    As for my wife's reaction? She wrote her own review.
    Thank you to all of you at Quiet Ride Helmets. You have a great product and great service.
    I look forward to long quit rides in the future.

    Kurtis Terpstra
    Grandville, MI

  3. "I already have a helmet. Why do I need another helmet?"

    Posted by Kimberly Terpstra on 11th Oct 2016

    Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
    Rides: 2006 Suzuki Boulevard C50

    I just received my QR helmet. My husband purchased it for me as a surprise. When I received it I said, "I already have a helmet. Why do I need another helmet?" Well, that question was answered immediately after going on a ride with your QR helmet. My bike is not particularly loud but wind noise is unpleasant on rides over an hour long. This helmet conquers that issue.
    I seemed to have settled on 7-8 pumps of the bladder for maximum comfort. The bladder is very easy to adjust on the fly. I must admit that it was a strange sensation when I squeezed the bladder as the wind noise lessened with each successive pump. I can only describe it as more "serene" than my old helmet. It's odd, but I feel I can still here other surrounding noises much clearer without the deafening rush of wind. Keep in mind, my other helmet is full faced also.
    I also have the upgraded HD speakers in my QR helmet. I have not plugged my phone into my helmet yet. I will let you know how they sound. I am enjoying my rides in the quiet now. Not quite ready to break that serenity just yet.
    So thank you, QRH, for my newest piece of riding gear. Oh, and thank you to my husband too.........I guess.

    Kimberly Terpstra
    Grandville, MI.

  4. at 100+ I can still clearly hear my music

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jun 2016

    Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
    Steve Robinson Rides: BMW 800 GS Dual Sport

    Wow! Did I say Wow!
    I am 58 years old currently riding a dual sport and have been riding since I was a kid. Started wearing helmets at around 16. I have had many helmets of all kinds. After two years of attempting sound attenuation on my own I stumbled across Quiet Ride on one of my many web surfing research episodes. I had given up hearing my music and was leaving it home due to inability to hear it at highway speeds.
    1) Fit/comfort 5 of 5. Inside material is comparable to helmets costing more. I’ve worn helmet on multiple all day trips taking helmet off just to eat and go. I can see the indents liner puts on my balding head but have never had any discomfort. I am a medium oval and ordered according to chart. (I wear my half fro short)
    2) weight 5 0f 5 light as any helmet out there.
    3) venting 4 0f 5 good but could use a little more. Haven’t ridden w/o chin skirt. Thinking now I might try it since helmet is so quiet.
    4) sound attenuation 500 out of 5. No that is not a typo. This is the best helmet I have ever worn by far with no comparison. I have worn other helmets that claim 85 decibels at 60 mph. that cost $500 dollars more. There is no comparison. I can hear my I pod on a setting that is comfortable in the house. This coming from a fella w/slight tinnitus. Before this helmet I would get the ringing within a few minutes of highway speed. Now I can go all day listen to my music and never get ringing. I can actually hear the words instead of repeating them by memory while hearing a garbled slightly heard song. Only one detraction if you could call it that. I pumped muffs up so they would fit extra tight. (they don’t need to be that tight, just wanted to try). After several hours my jaw muscles began to feel like I’d eaten something tart. Small pressure release for 5 min or so and it goes away. Even with muffs completely released helmet is quieter than anything else.
    5) Chin strap 5 of 5 QR has placed the strap where it should be for safety and comfort
    6) speakers and cord 4 of 5 I would like to see cord a pigtail end to end instead of the straight /pigtail/straight/pigtail/straight design. I would also like to see a female connector through helmet so there’s just a connector hole in helmet on the right rear quadrant just behind ear area w/ helmet end of cord being 90 deg. male to 90 deg. male. I wouldn’t have to be so careful when donning and doffing Helm if I could just unplug cord from helmet also wouldn’t have to worry about trying not to scratch shield when putting in bag. All in all definitely not a deal breaker. I did notice when I’m really getting it, on washboard or extremely bumpy dirt roads speakers tend to waver a bit. I have some high end ear buds of a famous company that do the same. All other conditions they are rock solid.
    I can’t say enough about how pleased I am for spending the $345.00 on the QR carbon fiber full face w/integral speakers, cord and two shields. (that usually cost you extra w/others) I am by the way a little picky and hard to please when it comes to buying gear. I can’t remember ever feeling so good about dropping money on gear since probably my first motorcycle purchase in 1974. This is a straight up awesome product. One thing though you’ll have to watch your speed because when wearing helmet and running 70+ it sounds like you’re doing 30. Oh by the way at 100+ I can still clearly hear my music.
    I have worn this helmet in Hard Rain, Sleet, light snow over mountain passes here in western Colo. Rocky mountains. Helmet never leaked.
    I’ve been on all day and multiple day trips. I swore I would never buy another helmet w/o the drop down interior visor. Then I realized I had to have shades when I got where I was going anyway. Figured I would just worry the shades on and off like I used to instead of stowing and digging out later. Blade style earpieces that are small enough to ride above muffs a must or possibly thin wire style aviators. It’s worth the small bother to retain my hearing.
    Quiet Ride has hit a bases loaded, down by three, in the bottom of the ninth home run.
    If there is any way to incorporate sound counseling devices like in shooting earplugs into muffs to make conversation easier at the pump or quick stops this would be perfect. As it is it’s only amazing.;) I also have no affiliation w/ QR except as a consumer.
    Anybody want to ask me anything about this helmet 970-618-4305. That’s how grateful I am.
    Quiet ride my cilia salute you!!!

    Steve Robinson
    Still, Colorado
    May 31st, 2016

  5. Very enjoyable on my FJR1300

    Posted by Shawn S. on 10th May 2016

    I was impressed with the initial quality and design. The inflation of the ear muffs is great, it is amazing how much more I am able to hear the sounds around me while I am riding. I wear glasses and I was concerned with comfort so I called and talked to Al - great resource for any questions you may have. I had no problems putting my glasses on when I put on the helmet. When I inflated the ear muffs, the padding molds around my glasses in a way that does not disturb them on my face while creating a comfortable seal. I was very surprised and impressed with the comfort of wearing glasses with this helmet. After a two hour ride, I was still feeling great. Had no problems with visibility even in the rain!
    I have my own Bluetooth communicator so I put mine in the helmet and took out the ones that came with it. This part was fairly easy, just took a minute which parts were removable. It would have been nice to see red spots or some type of indicator for the pieces that do not remove. I thought a piece was removable but it was not. I had to hot glue a piece of foam back in place...oops.
    I am not used to the chin strap quite yet. I would have preferred it was a couple more millimeters forward toward the pump because it rubbed my Adam's apple when I looked down (maybe I am atypical in this category?). So either I put on scarf or my neck warmer and no more problem.
    The extra visor is a nice perk that would normally not be included with the purchase.
    I hope to upgrade to a modular helmet when that is available.

  6. A quiet helmet

    Posted by Monty Trefry on 10th May 2016

    I was able to go for for a decent ride last night and truly try out this helmet. It is so much quieter than my old modular helmet that I am replacing.

    Over the years I have operated farm equipment and some construction equipment. With that comes some hearing loss. I have used ear plugs and muffs also at times with some of the equipment and I have preferred the muffs. So, I was every interested in trying out this helmet.

    I found this helmet searching the internet for the quietest helmet. I think that I have found it. It works as advertised.


    Posted by DOUG WARREN on 13th Apr 2016

    I finely got out and took a long needed ride. This helmet is great it is everything and more as advertised. I also have ringing in my ears ( tinnitus) .This helmet will help save what hearing I have left. I now can lesson to my gps & music at 70% volume now as before it was set at 100%. As for the quality absolute great as good if not better than other helmets i owned in the past. I will be telling my friends to check out quiteridehelments. I ride WR250F off road I will be ordering a MX quiteridehelment for off road riding.

  8. First thing I noticed was how many other sounds I could hear without the wind noise

    Posted by Anoma on 6th Apr 2016

    Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
    Anoma Moore Rides: 2016 Triumph Street Twin

    My husband has a quiet ride helmet and absolutely loves the noise reduction. I asked for one to fit me. Three years ago I was diagnosed with Ménière's disease and have constant noises in my right ear and even to the point of vertigo in the past. I recently was fitted with a hearing aid due to loss of hearing from the disease. My husband took me for a ride and the first thing I noticed was how many other sounds I could hear without the wind noise. For the first time I heard the dog barking as we went by. Just like the hearing aid, the helmet cancelled out the background noise allowing the good sounds to reach my ear. I must have compared it to Bose noise cancelling headphones at least six times before we got home. Great improvement and I now might like to ride as much as he does!

    I am still working on the quick release tab as this is a different feel, especially with gloves. Helmet is comfortable. I would encourage those with claustrophobic feelings to pull the chin area all the way down as I was not familiar with the bottom face guard. My fit was great once I angled the helmet down slightly. I am very excited to have the Bluetooth as well. The rides won't be so long if I can talk with my husband and listen to Pandora. I'm glad my husband got this helmet for me! Thank you Quiet Ride Helmets!

    Anoma Moore
    Pleasant View, Tennessee
    April 4th 2016

  9. I have noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus

    Posted by James Valentine on 26th Mar 2016

    Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
    James Valentine Rides: Ducati Multistrada 620

    I’ve been riding motorcycles for many years and I have noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus. It was only a few years ago I became aware of the damage that wind noise can do to your hearing and it was then I set about researching the subject and trying to find a satisfactory solution. Though I tried full height screens (not so effective when you’re 6ft 3”) and many sets of bespoke molded ear plugs I wasn’t convinced that the protection was entirely adequate. There’s a complex relationship between speed and so the wind noise that’s created, the exposure duration on your ears at different decibel levels and the safe limits prescribed for your daily dosage of that noise. And hearing damage cannot be undone. Consequently I’ve ridden my bike less and less . . . and less.
    A new line of thinking was required and so I began to look into Air Force (fighter jet) pilots helmets and so by a circuitous route of online clicking I ended up on the Quiet Ride Helmets website. I immediately ordered a Carbon Fibre Full Face helmet and that was duly dispatched to Scotland.
    My first test ride with the Quiet Ride was in what I call ‘dirty’ air – rainy, blustery and far more turbulent/ noisier than a still, warm summers day. I pumped up the ear defenders and knew there and then that this was money well spent. I stopped and popped my noise meter microphone into one of the ear cups and rode off again. This of course was not a proper scientific test. However, the meter data suggested to me that I could have safely ridden (during any one day) for 8 hours at a constant 80 mph.
    The human body is a great big sounding board and up to 40% of any noise that is transmitted to the ear can come that way. I imagine assimilating that into any data that’s collected (for every situation) would be tricky if not impossible so for my part, I still see ‘sound’ judgment as a necessary measure of what’s comfortable on the ear when riding.
    Having read all the other reviews on the Q.R. website and finding my experience to be by and large the same as others I thought I’d take a different approach to talking about my experience with the Q.R. helmet. However, in the final analysis I’m saying the same as everyone else . . . . this is an outstanding product. Were the inventor to have been a British subject he may well have been due to hear the words . . . ‘ . . . for services to the worldwide fraternity of motorcyclists, arise Sir Alvin Halfaker.’ !

    Yours sincerely

    James Valentine
    Cupar, Fife, Scotland
    March 26th 2016

  10. My quiet ride fullface carbon fiber helmet review

    Posted by Kip Felker on 17th Mar 2016

    After finding quiet ride helmets on the Internet. I decided to give them a call about my concerns of ordering helmet online. While speaking with Alvin I asked him if I order one of your helmets and do not like the fit of it then what. He confidently told me that I should put it right back in the box and ship it back to him for a helmet in the correct size. My next question to him was if I cannot find a helmet that comfortably fits my head am I stuck with it. He assured me that I could return helmet for a refund if we had no luck with fitting my head. So armed with this information I confidently ordered my Quietride helmet.
    I ordered it Wednesday afternoon and it took until Friday for me to receive it. Am I Inpatient or what. Great customer service. Upon opening the box I feel the fit and finish of this helmet is on par for this price point. The size was spot on for what I had ordered. I needed an extra large and the extra-large was the right size for me.

    Going from a halfshell helmet to a fullface will take some getting used to but the helmet fit and felt great. Curious to how well the earmuffs will work inside the helmet I quickly began fiddling with the air pump. It seems about 8 to 10 Pumps is ideal pressure on the muffs for me. Now it's off for a ride. The lack of noise in this helmet is amazing. You have to let the air out of the muffs in order to really appreciate how well they work.

    Now for the icing on the cake. I connected the helmet to my iPhone and turn the music on. The volume level before compared to now is amazing. Now I do not have to drowned out the Wind, engine, environment noise. I can listen to my music at a reasonable level not having to overcome the noise around me.

    Airflow in the helmet seems to be very good when I was riding the temperature was 55 degrees which is not uncomfortable. But I noticed even with the top vents shut off the top of my head was getting cold. But then I don't have any hair up there. So this assures me that during the warm weather with vents open I will have plenty of airflow.

    Overview of the quiet ride helmet this is everything that it is advertised to be. I am looking forward to many seasons of enjoying the quiet and not the noise. Thanks Alvin

    Kip Felker Grandville Mi
    Sent from my iPhone

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