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Fiberglass Full Face Helmet

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  •         Fiberglass Full Face Helmet Features
    • NRR 19 noise reduction rating (over 65% noise reduction at ears)
    • High quality lightweight fiberglass shell
    • High density EPS Styrofoam helmet padding
    • Inner lining and pads made of a soft moisture wicking material
    • Comfortable washable lining and pads
    • India quick release buckle on chin strap
    • Meets or exceeds: DOT FMVSS 218


    • Around ear noise reduction muffs incorporated into helmet design               ($60.00 value)
    • Air line plumbing system to force earmuffs to seal around ears installed      ($50.00 value)
    • HD helmet speaker installed in earmuffs with speaker line to cell phone       ($60.00 value)
    • Extra smoke tinted windshield for sunny days included in box                     ($29.95 value)
  • TotaL value of exclusive features                                                                (199.95)                                                                                                                                      

Helmet design is more toward round design. As a rule of thumb, you should order same size helmet (M,L,XL,or XXL) that fits your head at the present time. If helmet does not fit, you can return for larger or smaller size.


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  1. No need for another helmet

    Posted by Mitch on 23rd May 2016

    Hey Everyone!
    I recently purchased my very first Quiet Ride Helmet...and let me start by saying I was impressed before I even put it on by how lightweight it is. I tested out the intercom system (hard wired) before I took it on the road and it was outstanding! The other party could hear me perfect and was amazed that I was even calling from my helmet! I then tested out the tunes in my phone and the sound was crystal now came the hard part, putting all of it to the test while on my bike!
    I live in an area that it can quickly change from a scenic route to the highway, so having a system that can accommodate for both is a must! So, I started out on the highway and I was blown away by how clear the music is, even with my loud bike, which is a Yamaha 1900 CV, with aftermarket pipes and a power commander...needless to say, most of the time I ride, I come home with that muffled hearing feeling. It was so easy to pump up the ear pieces and still be very comfortable. For those who have worn a full face before, you know what I mean (can squish the cheeks rather easily).
    The next step was to try out the phone while riding, and let me tell ya something...I was impressed! I thought that since the mic was on the outside, that the wind would drown out my voice to the other person...but that wasn't the case at all! They said they couldn't believe I was actually on the highway! So, needless to say, this is now my favorite helmet!

    Mitchell T. Perry
    United States Navy
    Hospital Corpsman "DOC"

    "The mark of a man is not found in his past, but how he overcomes adversity and builds his future. Quitting is not an option."
    - Jason Redman

  2. Fiberglass Full Face Helmet

    Posted by Brandon Gordon on 10th May 2016

    I have had this helmet a little over a week and I'm very impressed with it! Where I live is very windy much of the time and about 70% of that wind is blocked out thanks to this helmet. I still can hear everything else clearly and I can hear my music from my phone clearly as well. It gets even clearer once you pump up the ear muffs too. This helmet is top notch and a steal for the money compared to other helmets. I haven't seen many helmets of its kind and surely not for the price. I refuse to buy any other helmet now because these earmuffs are amazing. I ride a loud bike (Honda Fury) and I can tell that the sound is muffled but I can definitely still here my pipes rumbling. I love it! This helmet has enhanced my riding experience tremendously!!

  3. I can actually hear the music on my smart phone while riding as fast as I want

    Posted by Matthew on 12th Apr 2016

    Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
    Matthew From Rides: Honda NT700V

    I love this helmet, for the first time since I started riding 25+ years ago I can actually hear the music on my smart phone while riding as fast as I want to go, it's as good at 85 mph as it is at 65 mph. Even better I can actually turn the volume down and still clearly hear my music. I don't ride a particularly loud bike, it's a Honda NT700V but with my old Bluetooth helmet I could hear some scratching noise that kind of sounded like music when my smart phone was set to max or 11 for movie buffs. The fit and finish is very good, the field of view is better than my current helmet (Nolan) and it's as comfortable as any helmet I've owned. As you get older you start to value your hearing, not to date myself too much but, this has been a real pleasure after all those years. It's a standup company with a real product and I would recommend them to anyone.

    Matthew From
    Long Beach, California
    April 11th 2016

  4. As advertised

    Posted by Dane Singleton on 28th Mar 2016

    Just got my new quiet ride helmet. At first I was scared my ears wouldn't line up with the inner cuffs. But my fears were put to rest as soon as I put it on.

    There is definitely a noticeable difference in noise between pumped up and not and my old helmet.

    I've already shown of the new helmet to my co-workers who ride. The built in speakers with the added nose reduction is a super deal. Couldn't pass it up.

    If I had to think of a con it was that they only have black helmets available. lack at nioght isn't the most visible color and black in Phoenix Arizona at 100+ degree weather is not a good idea.

    Thank you,

  5. Lives up to the Claims

    Posted by Perry K on 16th Mar 2016

    I ordered my XL Quiet Ride helmet recently with a little trepidation regarding fit and of course noise levels and can now say it meets my expectations on both counts. The pump system is a very clever design and easy to inflate or deflate even when travelling at speed. The fit is the same as my Bell XL helmet and noise levels are way way better. It has also much less wind resistance when I turn my head to check for traffic on the freeway. I wear prescription glasses and have found them comfortable to wear with the Quiet ride system. The strap system also works well and the supply of a spare visor is a bonus. Al was very helpful with any queries and delivery to New Zealand was not a problem. Thanks Al - as I said to you I hated the wind noise on my previous helmet so I couldn't be happier.

  6. A nice, quiet helmet...

    Posted by Lauren Linstad on 28th Feb 2016

    I have used my fiberglass full face model for about two months and really like it. I ride the freeways in San Diego 45 minutes each way to work every day going mostly 60-70 mph. I usually wait until I’m up to a high speed before I pump up the ear muffs so that I can experience the difference it makes. I have found that for me, about 8 or 9 pinches on the pump and the muffs are comfortably snug against my head and what I hear is quiet rustling of the wind. There is no howl or whistling. I can also hear my engine a little, but not much, so it is just the right amount for me. It took me a few tries to get the air pressure the way I like it. At first I was pumping them to 10 or 11, but would let some air out as they seemed too tight after a while. The pump bulb is easy to use as is the air release valve, even with the bulky gloves I wear. The helmet is very comfortable and it fits me well. I have a 58 cm head size and as that was at the upper end of the medium range, I went for a large because I don’t like it super tight, but it is still snug. I also have been using the built-in speakers a lot plugged into my iPhone. The sound quality is very good, and I’m glad to be able to listen on my long rides everyday. It seems like it is constructed very well, and I like to keep it in its protective bag to keep it nice. I’m really happy I got it, and I feel like I’m doing all I can to protect my hearing.

  7. Thank you for the wonderful helmet

    Posted by Scott Hesterberg on 30th Nov 2015

    I have always wondered why noise protection was not a bigger design and review parameter for motorcycle helmets, particularly for long distance touring rides, and was very pleased to find one in the form of the Quiet Ride helmet. This helmet is extremely good value, arriving encased in a surprisingly high quality, thick helmet bag. The helmet also comes with a smoke and clear visor, chin curtain, India buckle and nose/breath guard, in addition to its its ear muffs with speakers.
    I would advise customers to give the helmet a a few rides to break in. When it first arrived I thought I would have to give it up as it had an uncomfortable pressure point the the front the helmet at the forehead, and was additionally very difficult to pull on over my ears and even more so coming off. However after wearing it for a time, perhaps a few hours, things improved dramatically, it is now nearly as easy as my old helmet, and I expect it will continue to improve.
    The fiberglass helmet, even with all the add-ons appears to weigh about the same as my old HJC-CL15. The helmet has vents that seem to flow very well, as best I can tell in the current cold weather, I can feel the air when I open the vents, not something I could do in my old helmet. The action of the visor through the steps is smooth and it closes gently but firmly. The helmet moves very well through the air, with less resistance than the HJC, even while sideways with head turned!
    The India buckle deserves a mention as well, the first alternative to the traditional d-ring I have ever seen. It works extremely well, it is much easier to use with gloved hands and can even be loosened and tightened for comfort while riding!
    The muffs work well to quiet your ride, engine noise is still apparent at low speeds but on my bike at higher speeds engine noise that I used to be able to heard is no longer audible. If wish to hear more outside noise you simple press the button to release air from the bladders pulling the muffs away from your ears, which will make things surprisingly loud by comparison.
    The speakers sound excellent, I have no experience with alternative speakers but I have no complaints about these.
    The quality of the helmet is good, but it does show some signs of being a first generation product. The material for the surrounds is a rubbery material similar to electrical tape, I am concerned the muffs will not breath well enough during hot summers.
    In addition as others have mentioned wearing glasses with this helmet is very difficult. I have only one pair that work, the key features being shorter than average arms/temples, which allows them to only have to sit under one ridge of the muffs, and a slick temple tip, allowing them to pass the muff ridge without sticking. This is unfortunate as I greatly prefer wearing sunglasses to carrying multiple visors and switching between them. That being said I am not sure what could be done about this by Quiet Ride except cut shallow pass-through in the muffs, but that might compromise the sound deadening.

  8. "noise assassin" because it completely killed noise.

    Posted by Mike Dolgetta on 20th Nov 2015

    I recently received my quiet ride fiberglass helmet. First thing I noticed right out of the box was what nice quality we had. I recently purchased a Shoei helmet (very expensive) and I compared the two, very similar in weight and both very well

    When I tried on the helmet, it fit like a glove! I take a large in the Shoei and I ordered the same size from Alvin. What you notice immediately is how well it fits and how quiet it is without even putting air in the earmuffs.

    Riding with his helmet on the road it's quite an experience. Alvin should really change the name of the helmet to the "noise assassin" because it completely killed noise. This thing is quieter than my Shoei expensive helmet with ear plugs inserted! Below 70 miles an hour it really is very quiet with a little wind noise coming in above that speed.

    What's nice is that you can adjust the amount of air in the bladder to let in some road noise when you want it.

    The extra smoked visor for sunny days works really great and I found it fairly easy to change.
    My complaints on this on that a few but here they are.

    1. The speakers could be a better quality although they are not bad. I'm used to listening to music on my Bose headphones. But maybe Santa Alvin will have an upgrade available soon :)

    2. Feels a bit hot, with airflow being OK I rode in 45° weather and found it very comfortable just a little concerned about summer weather.

    Overall this helmet is a game changer ! Especially for people who are commuting a distance to work on their motorcycles, you'll arrive much more relaxed.

    Mike Dolgetta Rides: Ducati Monster
    Yonkers, New York
    November 16th 2015

  9. My ears thank you more than you will ever know!!

    Posted by Robert Takacs on 7th Nov 2015

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that the helmet is a MUCH needed IMPROVEMENT for my commute to work!! I am very happy with your invention and wish you all the best .(If you ever need someone to speak to a potential buyer and I can help have them call me) . Thanks for your efforts. My ears thank you more than you will ever know!!
    Robert Takacs
    Shelton, Connecticut
    November 6th, 2015

  10. Just what I've been looking for!

    Posted by Johan van Heerde on 25th Jun 2015

    I have been told I had to protect my hearing as I have some hearing loss. I have always been frustrated by excessive wind noise drowning out music on my earphones. I Googled Quit helmets and found the Quiet Ride website. I called Al to clarify some issues before ordering and was impressed with the direct contact and excellent service. I used the sizing info on the Quiet Ride website and ordered an XL, and found the fit spot on. The helmet is impressively well made, and well finished. The Visor action is smooth and solid and the quick release buckle great to use. I found that I hardly needed to inflate the muffs as outside noise is immediately considerably reduced due to the excellent fit. I was also worried about being totally cut off from the outside world, but am impressed that I can still hear enough to be aware of my surroundings. I installed my Chatterbox headset and can now listen to music even at highway cruising speed on my sport touring bike with small windscreen. Looking forward to the modular version. I've been looking for a quitter helmet for a long time and believe the best solution to a problem is the simplest one - Inflatable ear muffs!! Great idea, Al.

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