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Installing wireless remote to handlebar

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Installation of wireless remote for R4 custom intercom

Intercom parts including wireless remote

Most motorcycle or snowmobile handlebar diameters are too small to install wireless remote securely to handlebar without wrapping a rubber spacer strips around the handlebars under mounting plate. A second larger mounting plate is included for handle bars that have very large diameter.

Picture of two rubber strips

Picture of rubber pieces taped together with 3/4" electricians tape ready to wrap around handlebar.


Two rubber spacer pieces taped to inside of left side handlebar.


Wireless remote control



Safety features for remote control:

Motorcycle riders can operate their cell phone by our exclusive hand grip mounted wireless remote control. Riders no longer need to take their left hand off grip while riding. Just use your thumb or index finger to push control buttons. This is the safest operation method for the bluetooth intercom. This new product can be used for communication between rider and passenger or rider and 3 other riders. Rider can chose any person in group to talk to at a time. Safety features include switching easily between cell phone calls, music, and intercom calls. You do not need to push any button to receive a cell phone call.



Wireless remote control installations

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