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Installing your Uclear intercom in QR helmet


UCLEAR HBC200HD Helmet Bluetooth Communicator installed on Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face helmet.


Uclear helmet intercom attachment stuck to left side of helmet.


Left side pad is removed and helmet liner is removed to show left side Uclear speaker installed in around ear noise reduction muff with speaker line going thru hole provided in noise reduction muff from factory. Note location of Uclear left side microphone in helmet just above noise reduction muff. Microphone line comes out of hole made in forward side of ABS muff cup. Arrow points to microphone attached to helmet with Velcro provided by Uclear. Speaker wire going to right side noise reduction muff is held in place by blue tape as it goes around back inside of helmet.


An extra hole must be drilled thru cream colored ABS cup very close to black ABS washer that muff pad is glued to for speaker line to pass thru noise reduction muff. Use small drill size 3/32 or 5/64 or drill close to those sizes.


Black ABS washer with muff pad glued washer snaps onto cream colored ABS cup. They can be unsnapped by inserting small channel lock piers and applying pressure to unsnap.


Once unsnapped the extra hole drilled for Uclear microphone should be made into a slot using sharp knife to cut thru to hole ABS cup and black ABS washer. Arrows point to new slot for microphone line.


Insert Uclear speaker onto Velcro pad provided in noise reduction cup and place speaker line in slot provided by factory at end of cup and microphone line in slot made by you. Note, this is picture of left side cup with Velcro off set in cup so ear flap will fit inside cup on opposite side of speaker location.


ABS washer with glued on ear muff pad has been snapped onto cream colored ABS cup and is ready to install in left side muff pocket in helmet.


Picture above shows air vent hole in muff pad with arrow pointing to air vent hole. Both holes in noise reduction muff will let in noticeable outside noise and wind. They must be sealed air tight by applying silicone shown in picture below.


Very important. Apply tape over vent hole and above each hole through ABS cup. Put drop of silicone on finger and smear around lines going thru cup to make air tight so no sound can enter. Also tape will prevent any possibility of getting silicone over muff pad vent hole.


Tear off tape immediately after sealing holes with silicone.


Left side ear muff cavity with air bladder Velcroed to inside of helmet shell ready to have ear noise reduction muff with Uclear speaker Velcroed in place in ear muff cavity.


Left side around ear noise reduction muff Velcroed into muff cavity.


Reinstall left side padding around ear noise reduction muff. Repeat Uclear helmet speaker installation process on right side of helmet.


On right side Uclear helmet speaker installation I turned around ear noise reduction muff so speaker line came in on top of muff in helmet.

Installing Uclear speakers or any other intercom speakers inside Quiet Ride ear noise reduction muffs will result in twice the sound quality heard by user as over 65% of interfering exterior wind and engine noise has been eliminated from entering ear canal that would interfere with helmet speaker sound.