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Quiet Ride Intercom Installation

The Quiet Ride Helmet intercom is bolted onto the left side of all helmets. Holes have been pre-drilled on left side of helmet behind chin strap connection. Plugs have been pressed into holes to cover holes until intercom is attached to helmet.


First step to install intercom is to unsnap and unvelcro the left side pad.


View of black hole plugs inside helmet.


Push plugs back through holes and remove plugs as shown above


Insert screw through holes to attach intercom


Mounting plate for intercom shown upside down exposing brass threaded holes. Screws from inside of helmet thread through these two holes to attach intercom.


Insert 5 pin screw on connection through webbing.


It is very important that white arrow on intercom connection points at gold dot on speaker connection so pins line up with holes. If holes do not line up properly connector will not go together and you will bend one or more pins coming from speakers. If this happens insert a small knife blade into connector and bend small bent pin back to proper position and install connection. Screw connection together.

You may need to cut slot with scissors about 3.8th inch long in pass through slot so intercom can be positioned in front of holes drilled through helmet to bolt intercom to helmet. See arrow for location to cut extra slot.



Put mounting plate over brass threaded hole and put in one bolt loosely. Next insert second bolt in hole from inside of helmet into mounting plate.


Tighten up two mounting bolts with short Phillips screwdriver from the inside of helmet. Reattach side pad to snap connection and Velcro back in place.


Tuck connector back under left side pad.

Raised edge snaps onto intercom to hold in place.


Raise edge on mounting plate snaps over raised ridge on intercom to hold intercom on mounting plate.


Plug in speaker connector to intercom as show above. Rubber cover over charging port must be in position as shown in picture otherwise raised edge on intercom will not snap securely onto mounting bracket raised edge shown above.


Intercom installed on full face helmet ready to use.


Intercom installed on motocross helmet ready to use.