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Customer reviews on new helmet technology - featuring in helmet noise reduction muffs

Real customer reviews below are from riders who took the chance of buying a helmet off the internet that they could not personally see, touch, or test ride to evaluate the new Quiet Ride helmet technology.


Do you suffer from tinnitus? Over half of the helmet reviews posted below are from riders who have tinnitus. Quiet Ride Helmet owners feel relief from tinnitus symptoms so they can ride for many years.




Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Drew Vigne Rides:
Kawasaki KLR650


This Quiet Ride is hands down the best motorcycle helmet on the market right now. I've used this bucket for nearly 500 miles now and now use it daily as my primary helmet. In this review will discuss the Quiet Ride's strengths and weaknesses and why I think you should use one too.

The unboxing: Unboxing the Quiet Ride was a pretty standard experience--you get your manual and helmet bag. The speakers, ear muffs, air pump, and face mask were all already assembled. One thing I noticed off the bat was the fabric quality, especially in the cheek pad area, was not up to the same standard as other big helmet manufacturers--it looked like they had slight discoloration. The helmet is heavier than my LS2 Pioneer and about the same weight as my HJC IS-17. It has a wider profile than the LS2 and has about the same size profile as the HJC. The helmet has a pretty nice design and the silver front air vent is a nice contrast to the black helmet. Build quality, while still fairly good, is one of the Quiet Ride's weaknesses when comparing to big brand helmet manufacturers.

First fit: When I put the helmet on for the first time, without even using the air pump, I noticed a significant decrease in sound. With the earmuffs inflated the sound was even quieter, and has a similar sound profile to lightly cupping your ears with your hands. The helmet was very comfortable and the fabrics felt good. The only thing I noticed was the quick release strap sometimes rubs against my Adams apple. Not enough to cause me pain but enough for me to notice. Overall, comfort is one of Quiet Ride's strengths.

On the road: I ride my KLR650 daily. I have a large rally windscreen and yet I still was prone to buffeting. The Quiet Ride makes the loud noise tolerable and very quiet particularly in the higher frequencies. The lower and mid frequencies (were buffeting occurs) is still audible but low enough in volume for me and my ears to tolerate. I no longer get uncomfortable and my ears do not ring for commutes under 30 minutes. Over 30 minutes I wear earplugs, and with earplugs in the Quiet Ride is very quiet. The speakers included with the helmet are not loud enough to hear when riding so I recommend better speakers. Overall the Quiet Ride made my rides more enjoyable and a whole lot more comfortable. Sound is one of Quiet Rides biggest strengths.

Concluding thoughts: The Quiet Ride does not have the build quality of a large helmet manufacturer but it WORKS. I can ride for hours and not suffer any ringing in the ears and believe me I have sensitive ears. One other concern I have is safety. The Quietride is DOT approved but DOT is not difficult to pass. I would like the Quiet Ride to have ECE or even better, a SHARP test. I look past this concern, though, because I would rather protect my hearing and enjoy riding risking only having dot approval then wear a loud Snell approved helmet. The Quiet Ride completely changed my riding experience and I highly recommend you get one. 

Drew Vigne
Sarasota, FL




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Motocross Helmet
Ben Adams Rides:
Yamaha Attak GT 998, KTM 200 XC-W, Polaris Scrambler 850



Wow what can I say I ordered the Quite Ride Motorcross Helmet and I am blown away!!! My interest in the Quiet Ride line of helmets was due to my tinnitus and my efforts to minimize the risk of it getting worse while still doing the activities I enjoy. I currently ride a KTM 200 XC-W, Polaris Scrambler 850, and a Yamaha Attak GT 998 none of which would be considered quiet vehicles. I was amazed that with ear plugs in I could notice a dramatic reduction in exhaust note. I feel the helmet would be fine without plugs at moderate speeds but since I knew I would be at high speeds I wanted maximum protection so I used plugs as well. I actually considered not ordering the motorcross version as I really wanted the full face version since I was heading to the UP of Michigan for a snowmobiling trip and figured the full face would be warmer. We had temps down to -12 and paired with a Klim arctic balaclava (with the ears cut out at Alvin's suggestion) and a pair of 509 goggles I had one sweet winter setup. Even at speeds over 100mph my face and ears stayed perfectly warm!!! Best of all after 2 days of high speed sledding I had zero increase in my tinnitus!!!! Thank you Alvin for allowing me to continue to do what I love! Sledding, ATVs, and dirt bikes are my passion and I was close to selling them all as each time I rode even with plugs my tinnitus would worsen. I highly recommend this helmet for those with tinnitus or those trying to prevent it!


Ben Adams
Indianapolis, Indiana
January 14th, 2018 




Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
George Rocha Rides:
2016 Harley Low Ride S


Quiet Ride helmets perform exactly as advertised!  I ride a 2016 Low Rider S, in the wind!  When the helmet arrived I was impressed with the quality.  My main helmet has been a Shoei and in my opinion this helmet equals it in fit and finish.  The breath guard fits better than the one on my Shoei, the materials used in the liner at least equal the quality of the Shoei too.  Getting both a clear and a tinted face shield, the breath guard AND speakers for this price is incredible. Add bluetooth for a fraction of what any other system costs and it's hard to believe, but it's true!

The ear muffs work well too.  A few pumps and the noise diminishes considerably.  Not quite as much as when wearing foam earplugs, but there's no worry about one coming loose or not sealing properly.  The earmuffs seal very well and add to the stability of the helmet.  At freeway + speed it stays rock steady.

I haven't had the chance to use the bluetooth yet, but I'm sure I won't be disappointed!

I'm a happy customer and will brag about it to my friends!

Thanks Alvin!

G E Rocha

Belton, Missouri
September 20th 2017




Quiet Ride Fiberglass Motocross Helmet
Jason Russell Rides:
2016 AJP PR3 and 2017 Kawasaki KLX140G


I bought the Quiet Ride fiberglass motocross helmet and I have to say I am extremely pleased that I did.  I had been trying to protect my hearing when riding by using a few different types of earplugs including foam plugs and the plastic baffle style plugs. I've found that there are a number of drawbacks to earplugs including the hassle of keeping them in place when sliding on a helmet, the time involved taking them in and out when stopping momentarily to chat with fellow riders, sore ears from the pressure of them after a couple hours, etc.  I figured that somebody must sell a helmet specifically designed to limit noise and thankfully I stumbled across the Quiet Ride helmet.  It works exactly as advertised and solves all the problems I've had with earplugs.  The helmet slips right on with no fuss, then it just takes a few seconds to pump the air and create the seal which quiets down the bike noise by half or more (about the same level as with the earplugs.)  When stopping for a break or just to speak with a riding buddy for a moment, I hit the air release and can instantly hear just fine.  No more having to pull off my normal helmet, pop out the plugs, talk, then fiddle with putting plugs back in and attempting to get my helmet back on without dislodging the plugs.  So much easier and better!

As for fit and finish, it seems like a well made, high quality product.   Looks and appearance are very nice with the mostly black color scheme that goes well and doesn't clash with any other color. Sizing seems true to what is stated (Medium for me. ) Comfort level is just fine, about the same as my normal helmets.  I've gone on multiple hours long rides on a couple of my bikes with no problems or complaints about the comfort.  I was worried that the helmet might weigh a lot more than a normal motocross helmet, but that doesn't seem to be the case, or if it does weigh more it isn't enough to notice at all.  I haven't used the speakers or intercom/bluetooth features yet so I can't speak to how well those work, but those aren't things I normally use when trail riding.  Might give that a try at some point but my main objective with the helmet was just the noise reduction - and it is doing that extremely well! Thanks for the great product and I'll be telling my friends about it!

Jason Russell
Boise, Idaho




Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Tom Geving Rides:
KTM 690 dual


Bought the Quiet Ride Helmet about a week ago and have about 3 hours of riding with it so far. I ride a KTM 690 dual sport about 50% on road, 50% off road. I always wear ear plugs when I ride and just go nuts trying to get the ear plugs to fit right. This Quiet Ride helmet exceeds my expectations. It's very comfortable, very quiet, and appears to be very high quality. I would say it works pretty much exactly as advertised. It doesn't cut the noise out completely but enough to make it so ear plugs are not required. The only wish I have with the helmet is that it would be offered with some brighter colors. I always get a little nervous with dark clothing and dark gear since people drive so crazy these days. Nothing a couple bright reflective stickers can't solve. That being said, I would absolutely recommend this helmet. 5 stars in my opinion. Great product.

Tom Geving
Oxford, Michigan
September 1, 2017




Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Jim Smith Rides: 
1982 Kawasaki GPz750


I had been looking at the Quiet Ride helmet for a while. I ride a few comparatively loud bikes: A 1982 Kawasaki GPz750 with a 4 into1, an XS650 café bike with aftermarket pipes and a 1974 Kawasaki H1 triple with chambers. This summer I went on two all-day rides, one to North Carolina and the other to Tennessee. Both rides I struggled with using ear buds with my phone navigation. They work OK for about five miles or so and then inevitably fall out. Or, they would dislodge just enough to let all kinds of wind and engine noise in while allowing me to barely hear the GPS instructions. Needless to say I made several stops to re-adjust and put the ear buds back in. This involved stopping, pulling off the gloves and helmet only to lose the piece of the ear bud that holds it in. Not to mention the ear buds still allowed too much ambient noise and were a poor replacement for quality foam earplugs. After my trip to TN I had had enough and I ordered the Quiet Ride helmet.

Out of the box I was impressed with the quality. I have been using a Shoei Qwest and the Quiet Ride helmet compares nicely. The included chin skirt, darkened visor and breath guard are nice touches. (I had to buy those separately for the Shoei). I put it on, plugged in my phone and went for a ride. I was very happy with the results. You get the noise cancelling of foam earplugs (without the fuss) with the added benefit of being able to listen to music at normal volume levels. Heck, I can even listen to podcasts or talk radio which is something I could not do before. All without the pain of having to stop and re-insert the ear buds.

Well worth the money, a bargain, in fact and I will be recommending the Quiet Ride to my friends at our next Bike Night.

Not part of the review but a suggestion. I would love to have a shield in gold. They seem to work well in sunlight and at night. I hate having to swap face shields and I often leave or come home after dark. Although I have to say the darkened visor provided works really well at night too. Oh, and if there is ever a Bluetooth upgrade I'm in!  


Jim Smith
Cumming, Georgia
August 23, 2017




Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Gerald Steinhagen Rides:
2007 Harley  VRSCR


Greetings from the Yukon,

I recently purchased the Quit Ride full face fiberglass helmet.

I am very impressed with the speed of delivery, especially all the way to the Yukon. The helmet itself is of great quality and very comfortable, as advertised.

I finally had a chance to test it out on a ride, (in the rain). I’ve been buying helmets since 1977, and I can honestly say this is the quietest helmet I’ve owned.

High marks all around to Quiet Ride and Alvin Halfaker.

Gerald Steinhagen
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
July 20th 2017




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Stephen Hill Rides:
2012 Yamaha Super Tenere & 2007 Suzuki DL1000


I do a lot of riding. I commute to work pretty much every day on my 2007 V-Strom, and usually take 1-2 extended trips each year on my Super Tenere. Until recently, my favorite helmet was a 2013 Shoei RF-1100. On a whim, and the recommendation of a friend, I bought a Quiet Ride Full-Face helmet to try. I was impressed immediately out of the box. The helmet came with 2 face shields, clear and tinted, and was noticeably lighter than my RF-1100. A LOT lighter. Quality of the build of the helmet was perfect - I could not find any flaws whatsoever. My favorite thing about the helmet is the visor detents - the visor stays where you put it, period. Sound quality of the speakers in the helmets when plugged into an iphone was also excellent (I did not order the bluetooth module), and the security and silence from the inflatable ear pads was extremely impressive. This helmet is a steal at the price of an RF-1100, let alone as the (much lower) price it is being sold for. A fantastic entry into the helmet market, it is the best helmet I've ever owned. I have already ordered another for my girlfriend.

Stephen Hill
Winston, Georgia

July 5th, 2017




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Chris Manuel Rides:
2007 Suzuki SV650S


Hi Alvin,

I have roughly 1,600 kilometers of riding with my new Quiet Ride helmet and feel ready to provide a review. The fact that the 1,600 count was done in three days gives you a sense of the seat time per day. I ride a 2007 Suzuki SV650S which I consider a sport tour. In the past I’ve done the same ride through the Canadian Rocky Mountains with a cheap HJC helmet and 32 NRR ear plugs. Even with the ear plugs, an eight hour day of riding left my ears ringing. I find with the new helmet I can ride for an hour or two at highway speeds without needing earplugs. I wouldn’t have ridden half an hour without ear plugs before that. I tried combining earplugs with the new helmet and pretty much found noise reduction nirvana. It’s quieter than riding in the car at the same speeds! Yesterday was a 600 km day at speeds averaging 120 km/h and I arrived at my destination – having ridden with earplugs and the new helmet – and had NO RINGING in my ears. 

I believe that if you could find an additional 6 db of noise reduction that the helmet would be all-day quiet even without earplugs. Even with the current specs I feel the helmet achieves its stated design goals and have recommended it to half a dozen riders already.

Chris Manuel
Courtenay, British Columbia

June 5th, 2017





Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
John Bullard Rides:



I have enjoyed this helmet and plan to wear it as my main one. I appreciate it’s light weight. The chin strap is different from the double D rings I’m used to but I’ve gotten used to it. It would be great for my wife who struggles with the rings. I’ve used the helmet on two bikes. One is an older BMW R65 without a fairing and windshield. Your helmet makes a big difference from the other helmets I have when used on this standard/naked bike. I use ear plugs as well to make it that much quieter. My other bike, a BMW R1150RT, has posed some challenges, some of which can’t be cured with any helmet. It has an aftermarket (Cee Bailey) windscreen which is a few inches taller than standard. I get a lot of buffeting. With the ear muffs pumped up, it seems to magnify the drum like sound the buffeting causes. I assume this is because this makes the helmet have a more direct connection with the structure around my ears. So there is a balance between pumping the ear muffs up enough but not too much. There seems to be a lot of wind noise through the top vent and around the face shield that I don’t notice when on the bike without a windshield. When I open the visor everything is very quiet. I assume this is the way the air is deflected by the windshield. Photo is of my R1150RT and my son’s DRZ400SM at Big Lynn Lodge in Little Switzerland, NC. Blue Ridge Pkwy is second road in the background.

John Bullard
Atlanta, Georgia
May 4th 2017




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
David Bailey Rides:


Well... it's finally stopped raining in Seattle, and I can ride!!! I've been so anxious to try out my new Quiet Ride helmet, and, I have to say, it DID NOT disappoint! Right from the first moment, it was the most comfortable helmet I've ever owned (and I have a $700 Arai), and when the ear muffs are pumped up (just a few pumps because they were already seated and doing their job "deflated") the noise reduction and lack of wind noise is SO nice. I couldn't recommend this product more!

Dave Bailey
Bothell, Washington
May 16th, 2017




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Craig Rogers Rides:
Suzuki KLR650


I was concerned about fitment but it actually fits better than other big-name helmets I've owned. Very secure. And of course the noise reduction ear muffs are terrific. I have "serious tinnitus" and have been forced to reduce my riding by quite a lot, so I am hopeful to be able to ride longer and more often with this new helmet. My only issue is that I wish the quick release buckle was situated more to the side of the neck. It is too close to my Adam's Apple. But the overall quality is excellent! Thanks.

Craig Rogers
Cedaredge, Colorado
May 22nd, 2017




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Larry Wiley Rides:
2012 Suzuki DL1000 vstrom


I first heard of the quiet ride helmet from my brother. He knew I had tinnitus and some hearing loss that I attribute to (among other things) many years of wind noise in my helmet. When he was telling me about it, I could tell he wanted me to be the guinea pig to buy it first so he could look it over and then decide if he would buy it. Me being more of a stubborn mule(or ass) than a guinea pig and suspecting that he was going to buy it anyway I waited. I waited because I was skeptical of buying a helmet without trying it on first. He did buy it and I tried his on. Even though it was to small It didn't seem to have any hot spots (pressure points where I felt it would get uncomfortable or painful). I decided to give it a try but had questions about the speakers so I called AL. After talking with him I got online and ordered the carbon fiber helmet with the upgraded speakers and the R4 intercom. I was impressed that it arrived 2 days later with R4 already mounted. I like the lighter weight and the look of the carbon fiber. I also really like the Remote control for the R 4,being mounted on the handle bar I can see what buttons I want to push. I went for a test ride and loved it. I had my cell phone also mounted on handle bar where I could see who is calling. If I want to accept call I do nothing and it comes thru. If I don't want to take call I hit button on remote. I played my favorite music from my phone thru bluetooth and could keep the volume much lower because the earmuffs were keeping the wind noise down. In the last couple years I started wearing ear plugs while riding. It's a hassle because whenever I stop and take off helmet and remove ear plugs, I (many times) forget to re plug when it's time to go. With this helmet I may forget to air up the muffs but that is easily remedied while riding. I highly recommend this helmet and greatly appreciate Alvin's customer service.

Larry Wiley
Zionsville, Indiana
May 1st, 2017




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Robert Wilkerson Rides: 
2002 Goldwing


The quiet ride helmet became of interest to me after I had purchased at least two other helmets. With both I could never get a good fit. The other was so noisy I started buying ear plugs, both of the foam type and the formed silicone. In both cases I could not hear my music or a telephone call, something had to change. Previous to the ear plugs I had invested in the Sena S20 and a Freewire for my Goldwing thus cutting the cord. Mind you this was not an inexpensive investment and sent me on the hunt for the quietest helmet. Many were well over $600-$1200 and I had” just blown all my funds on the Bluetooth system” so that option was out. Then I stumbled on Quietride. The skeptic that I am called Mr. Halfaker and questioned him fully about the functionality. Web site provide videos and reviews from actual customers , waited mulled it over paced around and finally pulled the trigger. In the time I was doing all of that the price was reduced for stock reduction and was able to now afford the carbon fiber model light and high tech. My order came within days, concerned with the fit waited with anticipation but with the reassurance they would exchange without charge.

Okay the pro's
The fit was perfect.
The ear muff system very effective.
Has a quick release chin strap. (nice quality)
Comes with 2 shields clear and dark.
Fit and finish better than others in the price range.
Has a helmet bag for storage.

The Con's
I found changing the shield difficult. (all thumbs)
Wiring has to be removed if you use your system
(easy to remove and install your own speaker)

Customer service is excellent. "this guy cares about what he sells"

Robert Wilkerson
Laveen, Arizona
April 24,2017



Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Tom Thomas Rides:
2016 Honda Africa Twin


When I ordered my Quiet Ride Helmet (QRH) I initially had a sizing problem, but Al helped me solve that issue easily. It fits true to size, but the round shape on the helmet can trick you at first. I was positively surprised by the quality of the helmet. The carbon fiber finish is very nice. The comfort level is also good. I would say it's comparable to the comfort of a mid-priced helmet. What is unique, though, is the quiet ride "system". Very well conceived. When I looked at it and tried it on, my first thought was: how come all helmets aren’t like this? The earmuffs are very comfortable. Of course, you can feel a bit of pressure when you pump it up, but that's the whole point of it. I've been using the helmet for 2 weeks (on 2- to 3-hour rides) without any comfort problem. The noise is cut by a good 60%, a bit like magic. It's not as quiet as wearing earplugs, but it's far less intrusive and it lets you listen to music. I've upgraded to the better quality speakers and the sound quality is good.

Protecting your hearing is essential. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to do so, especially at high speed, because of the damage wind noise can cause. I’m really enthusiastic about riding motorcycles, but because I suffer from Tinnitus I was afraid that my biking days might be compromised. The QRH gives me the chance to better manage that situation and ride safely and comfortably once again. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a quieter ride and wants to protect their hearing. Thank you Al for this great product.

Tom Thomas
Montreal, Canada
April 20th, 2017



Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Bob Cypher Rides:
2013 Suzuki Boulevard M50


After about 90 days and 600 miles, I can say that the Quiet Ride system works alright. If you take the time to optimize the ear cups’ seal against your head, it works pretty well. The helmet itself doesn't quite match up to mainstream helmets in terms of quality, materials, and comfort, especially at this price point, but that's not why you bought this
helmet. You wanted the Quiet Ride system so your ears don't ring when you turn off your engine, and as long as you don’t mind being a dozen Lego bricks away from looking like Walteriffic, this helmet gets the job done.

Robert Cypher
Escondido, California
April 11th, 2017



Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Leon Peterson Rides: 
Suzuki Hayabusa


I recently purchased the Quiet Ride Helmet and would like to let you know that I am incredibly pleased. I commute 50 miles to my job and I listen to audio books to pass the time. I stopped riding my bike because I couldn't hear the books, as soon as I put on the helmet I could tell the difference without pumping it up. I have been able to hear the audio books better than when listening in my car. I am amazed at how well the helmet works. I am now able to ride my bike and listen to audio books, music and at a much lower level that is comfortable to my ears. With my old helmets I would have to slow to about 45 miles an hour to hear anything, any faster and I couldn't hear over the wind. I was very pleased to be able to ride at the speed limit and hear everything. I had to test it and see how fast I could go and still hear my books over the wind. I won't say how fast I went and with the bike I have (Suzuki Hayabusa) I went plenty fast. Let's just say I am completely sold and completely love your helmet. Thank you for making such a great product.

Leon Peterson
Thatcher, Arizona
April 5th, 2017




Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Kevin Wortmann Rides: 
2007 Kawasaki Vulcan with Cobra Dragster exhaust


I purchased the Quiet Ride Helmet to protect my ears from the potentially damaging road noise associated with riding a motorcycle. I ride a 2007 Kawasaki Vulcan Custom with Cobra Dragster exhaust (very loud). The bike drowns out almost all of the wind noise at highway speeds. I make a 25 minute commute to work every day and was looking for an alternative to the foam earplugs.

The Quiet Ride Helmet met my needs. Although the foam earplugs I was using had a decibel noise reduction rating of 29, I was still experiencing more noise than I preferred. I believe this was mostly due to the difficulty in keeping the foam earplugs properly seated after placing a helmet over my head. Although the Quiet Ride Helmet has a decibel noise reduction rating of 19, I experienced better noise reduction with the helmet as opposed to the foam earplugs. Again I believe this was due primarily to the difficulty in keeping the earplugs seated properly.

As a bonus to the noise reduction, I now also have the ability to listen to music while on a ride. I've never used earbuds or a speaker system inside a helmet before, but was impressed with the sound quality from the earmuffs inside the helmet.

Thanks for a great product!
Kevin Wortmann
O'Fallon, Missouri
March 17th 2017




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Thomas Wiley Rides: 
2012 Yamaha Super Tenere



I ride a 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere I have had a little ringing in my ears lately and the wind really makes it almost unbearable so when I heard about the quiet ride helmets I was very excited about trying one out. I have been wearing a Nolan modular and have been very happy with it except for the noise levels. I called Alvin and ask several questions in which he answered to satisfaction I was mostly concerned about buying a helmet without trying it on first. So I bit the bullet and ordered the full face carbon fiber in med size since that was the size of my modular helmet. I got the helmet very quickly ordered it Tuesday evening and got it Thursday Wow. I was very excited about getting the helmet and trying it out since we were having 70 degree days in February. I pulled the helmet out tried it on and it wouldn't fit I didn't realize that modular helmets seem to fit larger than full face helmets so I need a large in the quiet ride helmet I call Alvin and he said send it back and Ill send a large back. Turn around was very quick I have been very impressed with the quality and how quiet the helmet really is I can hardly hear my engine run now not sure that's a good thing but I do enjoy how quiet things are going down the road and listening to music. I love the helmet but if you are wearing a modular helmet now you might want to get the next size larger.

Thomas Wiley
Pittsboro, Indiana
February 24th, 2017



Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Dennis Deciechi Rides: 
2016 Yamaha Viper


I had the pleasure of trying out my new quiet ride helmet this past weekend. Temperature was 35 degrees with fog. I ride a 2016 Yamaha Viper. The helmet performed great. The noise reduction was as advertised and being able to listen to music at lower levels was very enjoyable. I typically wear a modular helmet and tolerate the noisy conditions that come with snowmobiling. My ears ring for days after a weekend of riding. My biggest concern when I bought this helmet was it not being a modular. I get claustrophobic real easy and when I bought my first modular I was thrilled to be able to open the front of the helmet. Going back to a regular full face is not something I wanted to do but with the Quiet Ride helmet, I was pleasantly surprised. I did not get that claustrophobic feeling. The buckle design of this helmet is very easy to get in and out of. This helmet as made my snowmobiling experience more enjoyable. 
Thank you Al!

Dennis Deciechi
Pontiac, Michigan
January 23rd, 2017




Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Richard Van Rheen Rides: 
2008 Suzuki DL 650


I ordered  a fiberglass full face road helmet in mid December and received helmet 3 working days later. Helmet arrived in perfect condition.

Fit is good for my rounder head and true to the size of my last 3 helmets.
Workmanship and general quality of materials is very good,
Comfortable once you get it on, compatible with wearing glasses.
Ratchet buckle arrangement goes on easily and comes off very easily.
Good visor clarity and lack of distortion.   Useful partial open detents.
Helmet bag and extra , tinted visor is included.
Hardwired (included) connection to and from smart phone works well
Good field of vision. 
Standard speakers are adequate for me.

Tends to fog glasses more than usual in cold weather.
Available only in black, no high Visibility option.
3 large non removable logos decorate this helmet, some might consider this as an advantage

An average mid market helmet with what, as far as I can tell, is the only system to significantly reduce noise to a level that allows you to protect your hearing without wearing earplugs.  If you listen to music or use a communication system it is the only system that allows safe speaker levels.

The earmuff system flat works, and makes this helmet the one to buy for this rider.  

Rich Van Rheen
West Linn, Oregon 97068
January 1st, 2017




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Bryan Dobyns Rides: 
Triumph 800XC


I bought the Quiet Ride carbon helmet with upgraded speakers and their Q4 system and after 500 miles of winter riding, I am more pleased than I thought I would have been. If you do not own a Triumph with an aftermarket exhaust, you would not know that the bike provides the rider with a bass drone sound no matter the rpm or speed up to 60 mph. Outside the bike it sounds fantastic, unique, and not too loud like my Yamaha YZF. The primary reason I bought the helmet was to listen to music (yes I have used quality ear buds at maximum volume on other helmets). I was considering putting the heavy production exhaust back on but wanted to wait till after I tried the Quiet Ride helmet. Boy am I glad I waited. The surprise was when I first rode the bike as it was drastically quieter and the drone was gone, all without pumping up the ear bladders. Then I gave the bladders about 8 pumps then the wind noise was gone while the drone was a little quieter even still. The strange thing is I can still hear the tires of the cars next to me on the highway. After the R4 system was charged I gave that a try around the first midnight that the system was delivered to me in three days to Virginia. Now I could hear clear music at half volume just like my quality ear buds at full volume. At 80mph speeds the R4 system sounds better than any ear bud I tried on other helmets. I do have the upgraded speakers that Quiet Ride offers and have not tried the standard speakers. The range of the R4 is surprising to me because on a winter morning I can start my bike, install the phone on bike, start Pandora, then go inside my house to put on my helmet, other gear, and in my house I can hear music perfectly. Then I go upstairs to the kitchen and fill my yeti cup with coffee all while hearing music. I have never used a Bluetooth system with this range. Yes I would like more bass response but not sure that is possible with a small helmet speaker. The finish of the carbon is really nice, the vents on the helmet work well, the L size fits just like my other large helmets, the two visors work very smoothly, and overall it really feels like a quality helmet. The only down fall, and it is a small one, that I can see or tell is the location of the neck strap which is slightly further back on the helmet. I am used to pulling down hard on my chin straps but if you do this with this helmet, it rubs my neck and doesn’t pull down under my chin like other helmets. I have gotten used to it by keeping the chin strap a little looser than I normally do. But I still feel safe cause it is bolted further back on the helmet which further keeps the helmet from falling off during a crash. Thank you Quiet Ride for providing a product that over achieves my expectations. In the summer I may get a pair of motocross style helmets for my wife and I when riding the four wheeler.

Bryan Dobyns
Warrentin, Virginia
December 13th, 2016




Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Glen and Betty Campbell Ride: 
2009 Spyder


My wife & I absolutely love our Quiet Ride Fiberglass Helmets. Even though our Spyder isn't all that loud, road noise & winds at cruising speeds can be. Just a handful of pumps on the inflator & these unpleasant noises are greatly muffled. I have been riding since 1972 & can no longer take higher DB sounds. In addition to making our Spyder rides much quieter, I did some severe testing around my wood shop & find that even a planner or circular saw don't bother me at all when wearing the Quiet Rides. Al is a real standup guy & I believe he has a fantastic design here. Do your ears & tinnitus a big favor & get one if these excellent quality helmets. Even without the ear muffs inflated, they reduce damaging noises greatly. Many times when you turn your head & break the seal of the helmet formed to your face, the wind noise will scream at you - with the ear muffs pumped up, this absolutely does not happen.

Glenn & Betty Campbell
Altoona, Pennsylvania
November 27th, 2016




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
How Chang Rides: 
2010 Kawasaki Concours 14


The helmet is awesome. I had ridden over 60 miles per hour and the noise disturbance was significantly reduced. I have 7 other helmets (AGV, Shoei, Noland, Arai...etc) but none can compare to this helmet. I highly recommend this helmet to anyone who wants a quiet ride on high speed.

How Chang
November 9th, 2016




Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Michael Slocum Rides: 
2013 Kawasaki 900 Vulcan Classic


I found out about the Quiet Ride helmet by reading a product review in the October 2016 issue of the CMA Heartbeat the monthly magazine of the Christian Motorcycle Association. It was a very thorough and positive review. I pretty much decided after reading the review that I would buy a helmet. I appreciate a vendor with a customer service orientation and my first call to Al with my questions revealed a firm that could be trusted. The helmet itself exceeded my expectations. It is a flawless piece of work. Brand new out of the box, great looking and impressive. Obviously a work of quality. Everything worked as advertised and I had a *wonderful* first ride. Had to remind myself I was on my bike and not going down the road in my car with the windows open. The visor fogged up as well as my glasses and my understanding is that is the nature of full face helmets. They clear up after 3-4 seconds but that is 3-4 seconds going down the road barely able to see. The solution to open the visor a notch or two and leave it there. That solved the problem. I will also try some retail anti-fogging solution.

Michael Slocum
Vassar, Michigan
November 8th, 2016




Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Bob Hatten Rides:
BMW Rockster, 2008 Moto Guzzi Breva 1200 Sport, and a 2002 BMW K1200RS


OK, here's the deal; I've been riding for 46 years (I got a late start, but I've been trying to make up for that) and I never took the time to wear earplugs. Well, during the last few years, my hearing has really gotten terrible. Not only is my hearing bad, but the wind noise bothers me now more than it ever has before. (You would think if I had hearing loss, the wind noise would be less of a concern to me, but it's just the opposite.) When I figured out I needed to do something to deaden the sound, I bought many different kinds of earplugs, but none of them did very much good... they helped a little, but the wind noise was still painful to me. Then, I saw a review of the Quietride helmet in Motorcycle Consumer News, and thought I needed to give it a try. Long story short: I love the helmet... I just wish I had been wearing one for the last 40 years. It fits perfectly, and is as comfortable as the Shoei's I've always worn. Plus, Al is interested in making sure you are happy with the helmet... he's not a giant company, just a guy that came up with a good idea. Do yourself a favor, and don't be stupid like me: Protect your ears! When you get old and gray like me, you will be thankful you did.

Bob Hatten
Centertown, Mo.
October 24, 2016




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Kimberly Terpstra Rides:
2006 Suzuki Boulevard C50


I just received my QR helmet. My husband purchased it for me as a surprise. When I received it I said, "I already have a helmet. Why do I need another helmet?" Well, that question was answered immediately after going on a ride with your QR helmet. My bike is not particularly loud but wind noise is unpleasant on rides over an hour long. This helmet conquers that issue.

I seemed to have settled on 7-8 pumps of the bladder for maximum comfort. The bladder is very easy to adjust on the fly. I must admit that it was a strange sensation when I squeezed the bladder as the wind noise lessened with each successive pump. I can only describe it as more "serene" than my old helmet. It's odd, but I feel I can still here other surrounding noises much clearer without the deafening rush of wind. Keep in mind, my other helmet is full faced also.

I also have the upgraded HD speakers in my QR helmet. I have not plugged my phone into my helmet yet. I will let you know how they sound. I am enjoying my rides in the quiet now. Not quite ready to break that serenity just yet.

So thank you, QRH, for my newest piece of riding gear. Oh, and thank you to my husband too... I guess.

Kimberly Terpstra
Grandville, MI
October 10th, 2016




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Kurtis Terpstra Rides: 
2006 Honda VTX 1800N spec 3


It started out as a last second, late season, after work ride with friends that turned me on to your QR products. Half way through our ride we stopped to stretch our legs and I noticed one of the riders had this cool looking helmet with this weird apparatus on the front and a cool blinking blue light. You should know I'm easily distracted. I asked him what the story was on his helmet. He filled me in on your product and asked if I wanted to try his QRH on. Granted, we were just standing in a parking lot but as I was squeezing the bladder I noticed his voice becoming quieter with each squeeze. I was impressed. AND, remember that blinking blue light? Turns out it was a Bluetooth attachment!! He said he could listen to music, make phone calls, speak to text and speak to up to 3 other connected riders.

To be honest, he had me at Bluetooth. So I went home and researched your product on your website. I was intrigued. I ride a Honda VTX 1800N with a pair of Cobra's that do nothing but growl. I know loud pipes saves lives but they do nothing to save your ears or hearing. If your helmet did nothing else but quiet my ride, I was in. The Bluetooth option would just be a bonus. Albeit a absolutely huge bonus.

My wife has her own bike too, so I ordered 2 carbon fiber full face helmets with the HD speaker upgrade late on a Tuesday night. They showed up Friday afternoon... that is 2 days if you're doing the math. I figured you guys were just showing off at that point.

The first thing I noticed was the weight of the box. Keep in mind I ordered 2 helmets. The box weighed nearly nothing at all. I found 2 very stylish helmets inside (L, XL) complete with a storage bag and extra tinted shield each. At our first opportunity we took the helmets out for a test drive or would it be a test fit?

To make an already long story shorter the helmets passed with flying colors. I have to get used to a full face helmet again. However the noise cancelling properties are as advertised. It is amazing how things sound when the rushing sound of wind is almost eliminated. Also, I do not have to crank up the volume to hear my music as in the past. The speakers performed very well at normal levels with the absence of all that wind noise. As for my wife's reaction? She wrote her own review.

Thank you to all of you at Quiet Ride Helmets. You have a great product and great service. I look forward to long quit rides in the future.

Kurtis Terpstra
Grandville, MI
October 10, 2016




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Randy Clark Rides: 
2016 ZX 14 SE Kawasaki Ninja


Hi Al.

I've finally had enough time at home to get a good feel for your helmet as my work takes me out of state on a regular basis. My first I when I took the helmet out of the box was wow, what a sharp helmet. I love carbon fiber and the quality and finish of it is outstanding. I put it on in the house and even without pumping it up I could tell it was going to be quiet. Fit was perfect , I ordered a large as that's my size and it was spot on. My first ride confirmed my initial impression. This helmet is light years ahead of the others I'd had or used recently. After a long absence from riding I realized that I simply couldn't put up with the wind noise I endured when I was younger. The lack of significant noise is pronounced and allows me to enjoy the ride instead of being overwhelmed by the deafening roar of lesser helmets. I was thinking that I wasn't going to be able to do more than just short rides until I found you. Now I'll be able to ride long distances instead of being confined to short hops. Many thanks for producing a good looking , quality and QUIET helmet at a fair price.

Randy Clarke
Garrison, Kentucky
September 1st, 2016





Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
John Forquer Rides: 
2000 Harley Softail


I have anticipated a "better helmet" with regard to sound for s long time. I have been riding motorcycles for 46 years. I have a loud Harley, so the only way to hear my music, phone, and navigation, was to crank the volume to dangerously high levels, and try to drown out the engine, wind, and road noise. The result was sound pounding into my ears, so loud and distorted that it was not enjoyable, and extremely fatiguing. The high volume was also, no doubt, dangerous for my hearing. From previously being a USMC flight Navigator, I knew how well unwanted sound is effectively controlled for pilots. This solution has been way over due in the motorcycle world. I called and talked to Alvin at Quietride, and he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the sound challenges and the solution. He has a lot of pride and passion for the product. After I got off the phone, I immediately ordered the carbon road helmet and it arrived in 3 days. The helmet is gorgeous and extremely well made, Pulling the helmet on you realize immediately that it is something special, and if silence is bliss, the Quietride helmet is heaven! All I kept saying was, "Ahhhhhh" when I put it on, and went down the road on my bike. The helmet allows you to easily and quickly adjust the ear cups to perfectly surround you ears , and they are VERY comfortable. I listened to music at less than one third of the volume setting as previously before. Not only was it enjoyable because of the lower volume, it was now distortion FREE. I don't write in to endorse products, but felt compelled to share my thoughts. I am looking forward to day long rides in comfort now. Thank you Quietride for a great product!

John Forquer
Manassas, Virginia
September 1, 2016





Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Bobby Newton Rides: 
2016 Yamaha Fz09


Greetings everyone, I would like to take the time to give my review on this beautiful carbon fiber full face helmet. Well first off I am a 20 year old man, and I ride a 2016 Yamaha Fz09 with a deafening m4 exhaust. I mean this thing screams. So between that and the wind noise when I'm riding hard with my buddies I knew I needed a way of preserving my hearing. I was a little iffy on this helmet, solely because I had never heard of the company, honestly I was worried about being scammed. But Al certainly changed my thought of mind, any questions I asked via email he replied within the day. Now as far as the helmet goes, it's unbelievable; that's all I can say. This thing has changed my whole riding experience. The aerodynamics of this helmet is phenomenal, it cuts through wind like a Shoei or any other big brand. The material of the padding is very nice it feels like a Shoei and or any other high end brand. And the carbon fiber is always a nice touch to anything. As far as the use ability of this helmet, it cuts noise like no other. Initial start up of my bike, just squeeze the air bladder a few times and the exhaust noise is cut significantly. Once you get ripping down the road give it 10 or so more squeezes of the air bladder and the wind is now at a level where it feels like you're just cruising with a window down in a car at like 25mph, and that's when you're doing about 70mph on your motorcycle. The helmet makes the whole riding experience just so much better, my ears aren't ringing when I finish riding, and during my rides I'm more focused not having a screaming exhaust in my ear, and not worrying about blowing my hearing. All in all if you're second guessing this helmet and you're in the market for a product that will be comfortable and preserve your hearing, look nowhere else. This helmet will impress, I promise. Hopefully the company owner Al gets these helmets to a bigger market so more people can see his products. He really does great work. If I were to rate the helmet I would say 10/10 as far as what you get for what you pay. To get a similar helmet through Sena which comes out this fall will cost more than double. Well thank you to anyone who actually read this lengthy review, I apologize I just needed to fully express my feelings towards the helmet.


Bobby Newton
South Glens Falls, New York
August 9th, 2016




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Tim Sabatino Rides: 
2002 Katana 600


Hi Al,

It was totally my pleasure to sit down and write to you letting you know what an awesome helmet you have put on the market. I have just received my new carbon fiber helmet from you company I was impressed with the detail in packaging that was taken to ensure that my helmet came to me fully intact (thanks for that) I have been on snow machines my whole life and a few years back I have started to ride motorcycles at the young age of 43. My bike ( 2002 Katana 600) and the guys I ride with all have sport or race bikes and at times the wind noise as well as their lack of factory exhaust on these bike can be outrageous.

This was the first time that i had ordered anything online let alone from another country and you Al made me feel totally at ease. when we had talked I came up with a multitude of questions that you answered easily and also explained how the technology worked in your products as well as a little history on how it all got started.

The fact is I have a very expensive helmet that I had purchased a few years ago and your product is so much better. The fit and finish on your product are top notch and with about 5 pumps I can ride and listen to music all day without my ears killing me due to wind and engine noise. This bike was purchased for commuting to work 75km each way, and a large part for fun being that its a sport bike I can get a little crazy once in a while. Taking the bike out right away once I took the helmet out of the packaging I was totally amassed with how much nicer it is to ride with a helmet that fit right out of the box and without noise.

Again it is my true pleasure to be sending this letter to you.
I look forward to talking to you in the future.

Tim Sabatino
Georgetown, Ontario
July 18th, 2016




Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Michael Sharp Rides: 
2000 Honda CBR 900 and 2014 Honda CBR 500R


The quiet ride helmet has highly improved my riding experience by reducing the sound of the wind on the highway and the speakers have made it so I can hear my GPS and travel worry free to new place!

Michael Sharp
Rosemount, Minnesota
July 17th 2016




 Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Joe Brule Rides: 
2015 Honda GTX 700



After trying a number of helmets and going to a higher windshield this helmet has really worked out great compared to different helmets. This helmet is far better than any other one's I have tried. At highway speeds this helmet has made it really good on a long trip.

Joe Brule
Kalamazoo, Michigan
July 13th, 2016




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Steve Follett Rides: 
Ducati Multistrada & Honda Goldwing


After about 1200 miles on the Goldwing and 900 on the Ducati I feel it is time to write my review.

Let me start by saying like everyone else on this site I was looking for relief from the constant noise while riding motorcycles. I have tried many things like music ear buds but felt like they were only drowning out one noise with another more pleasant one. However, with the ringing I still had after each ride I knew I was damaging my hearing. Finally I believed I had come up with a good answer using soft ear plugs along with a Cardio headset. While the plugs were in and the volume on high, I could listen to music as well as talk on my phone. Although adequate, the ear plugs were problematic. It was difficult to get a consistent good seal. Sometimes they seemed to be in correctly but then dislodged when I put on the helmet.

I had enough of the ear plugs when after a ride I lost total hearing in my left ear. the plugs had impacted wax into my ear which required an unpleasant procedure from an ENT to remedy.

After talking to Al I decided to try this helmet. It has been great! I now get better noise reduction than I ever did with the ear plugs at 80 mph on either bike. The reduction in wind buffeting is good and I can hear music on a low volume setting. I am also able to carry on a good conversation with my phone. There is a little buzzing with the right speaker. I like the feel of the helmet with the ear muffs and it fits nice and snug. It also has the best circulation by far of any helmet I have tried making it a much more pleasant ride on a warm day.

Other helmets I have used have had a photo chromic visor and I thought I would miss that feature but the dark visor works well in both sun and night riding. This is nice considering I struggle with changing the visor.

Overall, I really enjoy the helmet. It is great to ride with, it has good wind reduction, with no fiddling or side effects of ear plugs. with a few squeezes on the bulb the sound is decreased and the helmet is snug. Great solution to a bad problem. Thanks Al.

Steve Follett
Pocatello, Idaho
July 12th, 2016




Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Chris Penning Rides: 
2013 Husqvarna TR650 & 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 1000



I ordered my Quiet Ride Helmet on June 28th and was very pleased to received it a week later on July 5th, considering it was a during a holiday week.

I've had my helmet for about a week now, and am so glad I took the gamble on ordering this helmet! I ride 52miles a day commuting back and forth to work, with half that distance spent on I-5 at speeds in excess of 65mph, in addition to whatever recreational riding I do on my off time.

This helmet is amazing! Not only does it look great, but it is quieter than riding with ear plugs and is so much more comfortable. About 7 to 8 pumps on the air pump puts just the right amount of pressure in the air bladder to seal the ear muffs around my ears and snug up the helmet. Plus I get the added benefit of finally being able to enjoy listening to music at highway speeds! I'm looking forward to being able to enjoy music on my next long road trip!

Thanks for a great product!

Chris Penning
Albany, Oregon
July 10th, 2016




Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Jackson Clark Rides: 
Yamaha FJR 1300


Dear Al,

It is with pleasure that I sit down to write a review of your helmet. I never rode a motorcycle until I was 58 and now, 8 years later, you have solved the last problem I had with the sport. The noise factor drove me crazy and ear plugs were never a satisfactory solution. In addition, I must have a weird shaped head as I could not find a helmet that actually fit snugly and made me feel secure unless it put so much pressure on my forehead that I always developed a headache within an hour or so.

The air filled bladder creates a tight and comfortable seal around the face and the noise level is so reduced that I didn’t even think about it. The first trip on the bike after getting the helmet was from Durango, Colorado, over Wolf Creek Pass to the San Luis Valley,
then south to Antonito and over Cumbres Pass to Chama, New Mexico back to Pagosa Springs, Colorado and on to Durango. 385 miles. The helmet was comfortable, the sound level was great and, for a while, I was able to hear music clearly for the first time on a bike! (At the speeds we were traveling and with the curves in the road, I didn’t want the distraction of singing along with Creedence Clearwater Revival during most of the trip!)

Thank you, I love this helmet and am excited about sharing the news with my friends! I am attaching a photo of my Yamaha FJR 1300 on the top of Cumbres pass and I highly recommend the ride and the helmet!


Jackson Clark
Durango, Colorado
June 27th, 2016




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Richard Bonczek Rides: 
14 V Rod Harley


I just received my carbon fiber helmet and all I have to say is WOW! All the reviews were dead on. I have a 14 V-Rod with tab exhaust and 2 inch baffles. Wearing my Shoei was a deafening experience. With this helmet my ride is now very pleasant. I had the G7 Bluetooth installed and it also works great. At 55 mph I placed a phone call and the other person had no idea I was on my bike. The music comes through crystal clear and will make a long trip much better. If you have any doubt about buying this helmet, don't everything they have written about this helmet is true.

Richard Bonczek
McMurray, PA
June 26th, 2016




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Bob Stevens Rides: 


I ordered the ‘Quiet Ride’ helmet after reading the reviews & it was sent to Australia without any hassles & no import duties. It took about 11days to get to my home in Sydney, very quick I thought. Alvin was always helpful & answered my enquiries quickly.

My first test of the helmet was a cold crisp winters morning heading towards Windsor from Sydney CBD on the expressway. I tucked down a little behind the fairing and ( as I rode ) I pumped up the earmuffs. What a difference they made to ‘wind whistle’. as I tucked my shoulders up around the helmet and tucked into a comfortable position at 110km/hr (65mph), there has very little sound affecting my ears.

I found that it takes a little wiggling of the helmet when you put it on to get your ears comfortably seated next to the ear muffs but once you get it worked out it helps form a better seal when the muffs are pumped up.

PS don’t forget to release the air pump pressure in the muffs, before you try to take the helmet off, it so easy to do with the release button. I actually played around using my left hand, with different pressures, pumping up & releasing pressure as I rode along, it is very quick & easy. Riding in City traffic at slower speeds requires less pressure in the muffs to create a good seal & I found that my iPhone had enough volume to give me good sound from my ‘Bike riding playlist’. I wear glasses & found that my style with bendable rubber arms fitted very neatly into the helmet & did not interfere with the earmuffs.

We road 350km that day & I must say when I returned home my hearing was a lot less buffeted than previous rides with other helmets. I have always used ear plugs with previous helmets but today I chose to just try the QR helmet without ear plugs. I have had several good brands of helmets, but this is the best I have had to reduce wind noise around the helmet.

I have an XL size head & I ordered this size because that was the usual size I have had with previous Nolan & Shoei helmets. I chose the ‘Carbon Fibre’ full face helmet & I am very pleased with the quality of the finish & internal padding that comes with the helmet. Vision through the screen is wide & gives good peripheral sight. Turning your head at speeds is not a problem as the air seams to travel smoothly around the helmet with little drag.

I look forward to sorting out my sound system for the helmet for future rides & would not hesitate to recommend this helmet to other bikers who are looking for a Quieter ride. Many thanks Alvin for this helmet. Regards

Bob Stevens
Darlington, New South Wales
June 25th, 2016




Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Eamon Loftus Rides: 
KTM 1290 SA




I have been using the new Quiet Ride helmet for about a week and am very happy with how it works.

The only glitch I have run into is that the little piece of foam windscreen on the air pump inadvertently must have gotten knocked off. (What do I do?)

I ride a KTM 1290 SA that puts my head right up into the wind and the Quiet Ride helmet does wonders to quiet the noise down. Even without pumping it up.

After you pump it up a few times, all you can hear is the engine in the background. I came from an X-L size on my previous Nolan helmet and when I first tried the QR, it seemed a bit too small. I went ahead and tried it, and while it is a bit more snug, it actually fits well.

Plugged into the cell phone, it works extremely well.

I look forward to trying the communications features.

Over all, I think it is a pretty well made helmet, the inflation feature works really well and it is comfortable.

Definitely a good deal.

Eamon Loftus
Fairfax, Virginia
June 23rd, 2016





Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Chris Langenfeld Rides: 
1987 Honda VF700C SuperMagna and1994 Yamaha WR200R


I wanted to take a minute to send you a note about my new Quiet Ride helmet. I bought the full face, carbon fiber version of your product. I am absolutely thrilled with the effectiveness of the helmet when it comes to wind-noise reduction. I ride several types of bike, and do lots of highway riding. I have worn earplugs for the last 2 decades-- but no more! I love the helmet all around.

Chris Langenfeld
Manchester, New Hampshire
June 22nd, 2016




Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Andrew Sneed Rides: 
Suzuki SV650S and Suzuki S40


Let me start out by saying it was with caution I considered a Quiet Ride helmet sight unseen. But after a few email exchanges with Alvin, and the company's no questions money back guarantee, I took a gamble and ordered a helmet. Glad I did, I’m very pleased with my purchase.

My Quiet Ride helmet quality, fit, and finish is at least equal to the ICON, Shark, and Fulmer helmets I've tested recently. Mine is a size large and it fits perfect, again a similar size to other popular helmets. If the helmet didn't have any stickers to identify it, I doubt anyone would know it's not made by one of the big motorcycle equipment companies.

Regarding specific features:

- The chin strap is nice, comfortable padding, with a quick release function.

- Venting is fine when in motion. It can get hot quickly when stopped in traffic; just open the visor a little when stopped, problem solved. Certainly no different than other helmets with a chin skirt.

- The air flows around the helmet pretty quietly. On my sport bike I do get some buffeting under my chin, but that's caused by the low profile wind screen not the Quiet Ride helmet. Any helmet would experience the same buffeting. If I drop below the windscreen, or if I sit-up tall no wind buffeting at all. On my S40 cruiser with no windscreen I haven't noticed any buffeting ever.

- Visor works fine with decent field of view for 99% of my riding. The few times when I lay on the tank of the SV650S, the top of the field of view might get impacted. Ducking in behind the wind screen no issues with the field of view, I have to be completely prone to notice. Unless you're on a sport bike laying flat you'd never notice. The only possible negative about the visor is it can be a little tricky to remove.

Now to the question most want to know about, is the helmet really quieter? For me, unequivocally yes, the helmet is much quieter than what I've worn in the past. It doesn't completely eliminate all sounds like some Bose noise cancelling headphones; it just substantially quiets whatever noise is there. My other helmet reminds me of driving around with the top down in my '95 Mustang GT convertible. The Quiet Ride helmet is like riding around in my new Passat with the windows cracked a few inches. With my other helmet I tried the disposable foam ear plugs and Etymotic Research ear plugs, and was disappointed with the results and comfort. Not with the Quiet Ride helmet, I can wear it all day, and it will keep the wind noise reduced to nice acceptable levels.

The helmet came with the standard ear muff speakers. I'd rate the quality of those speakers as average. They weren't particularly loud, and maybe lacked a little on the bottom end. With my Droid phone and Spotify I could listen to music up to 45 mph without playing at full blast with acceptable audio quality.

To compare things I wore my own pair of decent in-ear buds with the Quiet Ride helmet. With that set-up I could run at 55mph - 60mph and still hear the music at a decent level. Way better than I'd ever experienced using those ear buds and other helmets. However, like all in-ear buds they would get uncomfortable before too long. Unfortunately when all buttoned up you can't adjust ear buds easily, and after an hour or so they were really irritating me. With my own ear buds and the Quiet Ride helmet I gained some usable volume and sound quality, but gave up comfort.

I then replaced the original ear muff speakers with the newer model ear muff speakers. The new ear muff speakers are in a whole different class from what came originally with the helmet. The drivers are larger and have a much more pronounced bottom end, and are obviously more efficient. With the new ear muff speakers I can easily ride at 65mph - 70mph in the air stream and hear the music at a nice level, with a fuller range. If I drop behind the windscreen and get out of the air I can still hear things nicely at 85+mph. Not only do the new ear muff speakers offer better performance but they're just as comfortable as the originals. On a long ride other parts of my body get sore way before my ears do. I will make the observation like any good set of headphones; you need to use the earmuffs for a period of time to break them in properly. I've noticed after 20 hours of usage they are loosening up from when I first installed them.

Andrew Sneed
Harrisonburg, Virginia
June 21st, 2016



Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Vincent Booth Rides: 
1998 Honda CBR 1100XX


First of all, what a company front man, Alvin ! I was sold ! Knowing he would be taking care of me, from here on out. And he did , I ordered the Carbon-fiber helmet, and had him install my G7, and I just love it.

I wish I had the Quiet Ride Helmet, back when I raced open wheel Formula Mazda race cars for 10 years. My Bell racing helmet cost $1,200 and that was 19 years ago, made of Kevlar and carbon fiber. Even with the custom molded ear speakers, the noise was just acceptable.

So going to work this morning for the first time with the Quiet Ride Helmet, was just amazing as I heard the very dull hum of my engine, even got 2 calls that I was able to answer without using my hands, and best of all they did not know I was on my bike. The noise reduction and wind aerodynamics , did what they were designed for.

Great quality, nice look of carbon fiber (matches my pipes), and the ability to block out 80% of the deafening outside noise is priceless. Now it will be even more enjoyable to ride, and also be able to communicate with my son, on his CBR 600. Will pass on to all I ride with the benefits of Quieter riding. Thanks Alvin and QRH

Vincent Booth
Bakersfield, California
June 3rd, 2016




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Steve Robinson Rides: 
BMW 800 GS Dual Sport


Wow! Did I say Wow! I am 58 years old currently riding a dual sport and have been riding since I was a kid. Started wearing helmets at around 16. I have had many helmets of all kinds. After two years of attempting sound attenuation on my own I stumbled across Quiet Ride on one of my many web surfing research episodes. I had given up hearing my music and was leaving it home due to inability to hear it at highway speeds.

1) Fit/comfort 5 of 5. Inside material is comparable to helmets costing more. I’ve worn helmet on multiple all day trips taking helmet off just to eat and go. I can see the indents liner puts on my balding head but have never had any discomfort. I am a medium oval and ordered according to chart. (I wear my half fro short)

2) weight 5 0f 5 light as any helmet out there.

3) venting 4 0f 5 good but could use a little more. Haven’t ridden w/o chin skirt. Thinking now I might try it since helmet is so quiet.

4) sound attenuation 500 out of 5. No that is not a typo. This is the best helmet I have ever worn by far with no comparison. I have worn other helmets that claim 85 decibels at 60 mph. that cost $500 dollars more. There is no comparison. I can hear my I pod on a setting that is comfortable in the house. This coming from a fella w/slight tinnitus. Before this helmet I would get the ringing within a few minutes of highway speed. Now I can go all day listen to my music and never get ringing. I can actually hear the words instead of repeating them by memory while hearing a garbled slightly heard song. Only one detraction if you could call it that. I pumped muffs up so they would fit extra tight. (they don’t need to be that tight, just wanted to try). After several hours my jaw muscles began to feel like I’d eaten something tart. Small pressure release for 5 min or so and it goes away. Even with muffs completely released helmet is quieter than anything else.

5) Chin strap 5 of 5 QR has placed the strap where it should be for safety and comfort

6) speakers and cord 4 of 5 I would like to see cord a pigtail end to end instead of the straight /pigtail/straight/pigtail/straight design. I would also like to see a female connector through helmet so there’s just a connector hole in helmet on the right rear quadrant just behind ear area w/ helmet end of cord being 90 deg. male to 90 deg. male. I wouldn’t have to be so careful when donning and doffing Helm if I could just unplug cord from helmet also wouldn’t have to worry about trying not to scratch shield when putting in bag. All in all definitely not a deal breaker. I did notice when I’m really getting it, on washboard or extremely bumpy dirt roads speakers tend to waver a bit. I have some high end ear buds of a famous company that do the same. All other conditions they are rock solid. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am for spending the $345.00 on the QR carbon fiber full face w/integral speakers, cord and two shields. (that usually cost you extra w/others) I am by the way a little picky and hard to please when it comes to buying gear. I can’t remember ever feeling so good about dropping money on gear since probably my first motorcycle purchase in 1974. This is a straight up awesome product. One thing though you’ll have to watch your speed because when wearing helmet and running 70+ it sounds like you’re doing 30. Oh by the way at 100+ I can still clearly hear my music.

I have worn this helmet in Hard Rain, Sleet, light snow over mountain passes here in western Colo. Rocky mountains. Helmet never leaked. I’ve been on all day and multiple day trips. I swore I would never buy another helmet w/o the drop down interior visor. Then I realized I had to have shades when I got where I was going anyway. Figured I would just worry the shades on and off like I used to instead of stowing and digging out later. Blade style earpieces that are small enough to ride above muffs a must or possibly thin wire style aviators. It’s worth the small bother to retain my hearing.

Quiet Ride has hit a bases loaded, down by three, in the bottom of the ninth home run. If there is any way to incorporate sound counseling devices like in shooting earplugs into muffs to make conversation easier at the pump or quick stops this would be perfect. As it is it’s only amazing.;) I also have no affiliation w/ QR except as a consumer.

Anybody want to ask me anything about this helmet 970-618-4305. That’s how grateful I am.

Quiet ride my cilia salute you!!!

Steve Robinson
Still, Colorado
May 31st, 2016

Comments from Al Halfaker, Quiet Ride Helmets, Inc. owner on Steve Robinson custom windshield design shown below in close up picture. A unique design that some riders might want to install on their bike


In Steve Robinson's review above he mentions "at 100+ I can still clearly hear my music".

I am thinking his personal custom Lexan windshield design attached to standard low windshield that comes on BMW 800 GS has a lot to do with making this possible. Steve designed, cut, and made custom curve of Lexan shield by heating Lexan shield to 275 degrees in his stove oven to allow Lexan to bend.

1. His very narrow windshield design would displace less air which in turn would create less turbulence behind windshield translating into less potential buffeting of the helmet.

2. By widening the Lexan windshield at the helmet height only when Steve is sitting on the BMW would work to deflect maximum wind away from helmet.

3. Steve says the windshield height is designed to be even with his nose so he can see over windshield versus through windshield when riding and still have the wind deflected over the top of the helmet.

May 31st 2016




Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Mitchell Perry Rides: 
Yamaha 1900 CV


Hey Everyone!

I recently purchased my very first Quiet Ride Helmet... and let me start by saying I was impressed before I even put it on by how lightweight it is. I tested out the intercom system (hard wired) before I took it on the road and it was outstanding! The other party could hear me perfect and was amazed that I was even calling from my helmet! I then tested out the tunes in my phone and the sound was crystal now came the hard part, putting all of it to the test while on my bike!

I live in an area that it can quickly change from a scenic route to the highway, so having a system that can accommodate for both is a must! So, I started out on the highway and I was blown away by how clear the music is, even with my loud bike, which is a Yamaha 1900 CV, with aftermarket pipes and a power commander... needless to say, most of the time I ride, I come home with that muffled hearing feeling. It was so easy to pump up the ear pieces and still be very comfortable. For those who have worn a full face before, you know what I mean (can squish the cheeks rather easily).

The next step was to try out the phone while riding, and let me tell ya something... I was impressed! I thought that since the mic was on the outside, that the wind would drown out my voice to the other person...but that wasn't the case at all! They said they couldn't believe I was actually on the highway! So, needless to say, this is now my favorite helmet!

"The mark of a man is not found in his past, but how he overcomes adversity and builds his future. Quitting is not an option." - Jason Redman

Mitchell T. Perry
United States Navy
Suffolk, Virginia
May 23rd, 2016



Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Alastair Stout Rides: 
2013 Honda CB 1100


I received my Quiet Ride Full-Face Carbon Fiber helmet two days after placing the order - quick and professional service from the QRH team. The reduction in sound is immediately apparent even before inflating the ear muffs. After 10 to 12 pumps, the inflated muffs prove incredibly efficient in cutting the wind noise from the ride. The helmet looks great, and is quick and easy to use. I’ve been searching for this clever and vital piece of head gear for a while - kudos to Alvin for developing it! For the first time, I can enjoy the motorcycle experience without worrying about damaging my hearing. I look forward to watching the helmets evolution in time for my next purchase in 5 years or so…

The Carbon Fiber look is fantastic - even with the pump and bluetooth headset. The fit is great - the large size is in line with my other helmets - snug but comfortable even with fully inflated earmuffs. The helmet materials - both inside and out - appear to be very good quality, on par with my other (more expensive) helmets. Sound quality of speakers is reasonable, but I bought the helmet for noise reduction and am very satisfied with the results. Really appreciate the two visors that came with the helmet, (the smoke visor makes the
CF full face look even better!) The quick release chin fastener is very easy to manage, even with riding gloves.

My only reservation is the visor system:
I tend to agree with other users that the quick release visor is a pain to use. There are more efficient visor attachment system out there, and hopefully this will be improved in future models. The visor’s first open position should be just a few millimeters for venting and de-misting rather than the current 2 in. opening at the first position.

Alastair Stout
Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
May 16th, 2016




Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Brandon Gordon Rides: 
Honda Fury


I have had this helmet a little over a week and I'm very impressed with it! Where I live is very windy much of the time and about 70% of that wind is blocked out thanks to this helmet. I still can hear everything else clearly and I can hear my music from my phone clearly as well. It gets even clearer once you pump up the ear muffs too. This helmet is top notch and a steal for the money compared to other helmets. I haven't seen many helmets of its kind and surely not for the price. I refuse to buy any other helmet now because these earmuffs are amazing. I ride a loud bike (Honda Fury) and I can tell that the sound is muffled but I can definitely still here my pipes rumbling. I love it! This helmet has enhanced my riding experience tremendously!!

Brandon Gordon
Lancaster, California
May 10th, 2016




 Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Shawn S Rides: 
Yamaha FJR1300


I was impressed with the initial quality and design. The inflation of the ear muffs is great, it is amazing how much more I am able to hear the sounds around me while I am riding. I wear glasses and I was concerned with comfort so I called and talked to Al - great resource for any questions you may have. I had no problems putting my glasses on when I put on the helmet. When I inflated the ear muffs, the padding molds around my glasses in a way that does not disturb them on my face while creating a comfortable seal. I was very surprised and impressed with the comfort of wearing glasses with this helmet. After a two hour ride, I was still feeling great. Had no problems with visibility even in the rain! I have my own Bluetooth communicator so I put mine in the helmet and took out the ones that came with it. This part was fairly easy, just took a minute which parts were removable. It would have been nice to see red spots or some type of indicator for the pieces that do not remove. I thought a piece was removable but it was not. I had to hot glue a piece of foam back in place...oops.

I am not used to the chin strap quite yet. I would have preferred it was a couple more millimeters forward toward the pump because it rubbed my Adam's apple when I looked down (maybe I am atypical in this category?). So either I put on scarf or my neck warmer and no more problem.
The extra visor is a nice perk that would normally not be included with the purchase. I hope to upgrade to a modular helmet when that is available.

Shawn S.
Blacksburg, Virginia
May 10th, 2016




 Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Monty Trefry Rides: 
2009 Yamaha Road Star


I was able to go for a decent ride tonight and this helmet is much quieter than my old modular helmet and it is much lighter. Over the years I have operated different farm and construction equipment and with that I know that I have suffered hearing loss. Also, I have used ear muffs at times and I have preferred them to ear plugs. So, I liked the idea of using the muffs. I found this helmet by searching the internet for the quietest helmet and after reading the reviews I decided to give it a try and it does work as advertised. My wife tried it as well and found it comfortable and liked it much more than her modular helmet. I'm riding a 2009 Yamaha Road Star. It's not the loudest bike and it's also not the quietest bike on the road.

Monty Trefry
Moses Lake, Washington
May 10th, 2016


Rides:  1992 750 Nighthawk


Found this helmet to be just as comfortable as a Shoei, for about half of the price. All materials, stitching, and pads appear to have been chosen with longevity in mind. Internally, the helmet keeps me very cool, even with 85 degree weather. Air vents are well positioned. Externally, the helmet appears aerodynamic below 70mph, haven't had the chance to use it at a higher speed. Fits and functions as advertised. My only
suggestion is to improve the chin strap. Once tightened, the extra piece of the adjustable buckle has nowhere to attach. This can be remedied by looping it once or twice.

Bradenton, Florida
May 6th, 2016




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Corey Sapp Rides: 
2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 classic with Cobra long shots exhaust


All I can say is WOW. This helmet is the real deal, and does exactly what it says. They estimate wind and bike noise is reduced by 65%. I estimate it's that and maybe even more! I ordered the Carbon Fiber full face model on 4/21. It arrived on 4/26. I was surprised to get an email from the owner (Alvin) who graciously refunded my 32.00 for an extra visor since they include an extra visor in the package.

I ride a 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 classic with Cobra long shots exhaust. The exhaust have the quiet-core baffles. I also wear an HJC full face helmet. I ride every weekend, often several hundred miles per ride. The wind noise and exhaust noise is very loud and it does tire me out and I can sense minor hearing loss after a long ride. Last year I put 10k miles on the bike.

When I opened the box yesterday, I was impressed by the looks and quality of the helmet. But the smile came when I put it on, pumped it up and the sound of the TV and my g/f talking to me went away. Even though it was only 40 degrees out, I had to go for a ride to check it out. I rode about 5 miles at highway speeds and the noise reduction was incredible. then I pulled over, started up some music from my ipad, and was surprised how good it sounded. I didn't have to increase the volume very much to hear the music. On the highway, with music playing, the noise reduction was even better. Can't wait to take a long ride this weekend.

As far as the size goes, I ordered the same size as my current helmet (2XL) and it fit perfect. I think the XL would have been too tight. The helmet was very comfortable and it didn't feel bad with the ear muffs pumped all the way up. As others have noted, I did find that you can control the level of noise reduction by increasing / decreasing the air pressure. There was pretty good noise reduction even with the ear muffs fully deflated.

As far as possible future enhancements - Other colors would be nice. Integrating the air pump into the helmet so it's not so visible would be good, although I don't mind the appearance at all.

I have no doubt this helmet will take the industry by storm. Any serious rider who cares about their long term hearing health should invest in this product. I can't wait to show it to my main core riding friends - Alvin, expect a few more orders soon. Any riders in Rochester, NY feel free to contact me and I will gladly show you this helmet. (
Alvin and quiet ride helmets are really onto something here. Glad to get in early on such a ground breaking product.

Corey Sapp
Rochester, New York
April 27th, 2016




Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Bobby Thompson Rides: 
2001 Honda Goldwing


Hello friends my name is Bobby. I ride an older model Honda Goldwing, 2001 to be exact. I've enjoyed highway riding for many years as have other members of my family. I recently purchased the "Quiet Ride Helmet" to hopefully improve my overall riding experience. I'm a business owner and to be exact I'm a "glass" business owner and have been since 1985. I deal with acrylic, namely plexiglass in my business from time to time and know a few tricks to go along with that side of my business. I rode through a pretty bad rainstorm a couple of years back in the mountains of Colorado and simply hated trying to look through a wet windshield, then a wet visor on top of that. Two wet layers = very poor visibility to say the least! When I got back home I took a good 1 1/2" off of the top of my bikes windshield. Later I took a little more. I took my time and utilized my limited experience with acrylic and sanded down my final cut, rounded it nicely and pain painstakingly flame polished that final seam to a clear finish. I was and I still am happy with the clarity both in wet and dry conditions. However... as with anything there is a downside. Noise! That lack of "wind shear" provided by the full windshield increased the noise level by 40-50% at least. This is what has had me searching for a better helmet. I ran upon Al's web site and was very intrigued. It was also very nice to be able to actually talk to the man in charge. Soon I ordered the fiberglass full face helmet pending an upcoming trip to Houston. I was amazed at the speed in which he got it to me. I live on the far West side of the Texas Panhandle and I have close family members in the Houston area. I told Al what day I was leaving and apologized in dragging my feet with my final decision to purchase but he was certain that he could make it happen! He did, I left on time two days later and made the 600+ mile trip to Houston in one day and to my amazement I was not nearly as tired as I had been in much shorter trips prior to this ride! It is amazing how well the pump up ear muffs work! I'm totally sold Al and I thank you sir for your honesty as well as your product! My return trip from Houston was just as rewarding and I've been on a couple of short runs since and continue to fall in love with this helmet! Good luck in the future my friend!

Bobby Thompson
Friona, Texas
April 22, 2016




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Gary Goetz Rides: 
1979Yamaha XS650 and 2002 BMW K1200LT


OK snigger if you will but I am getting old, damn it all anyways. Years of abuse and just getting older have been hard on my hearing. Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is in full swing. A day on the bike makes it worse. Even the full boat, quiet Beemer leaves the ears ringing after a few hours in the saddle. OK, you need to protect your hearing. So I found Quiet Ride helmets while looking at options. His special niche is inflatable ear muffs that use a bladder to push gel/foam cups against your head to seal out noise. The only other company I saw doing this is a high end aviation supplier with $1000 plus helmets. Al's Quietride is a small operation in Minnesota and he runs his business with a the personal touch that is both refreshing and increasingly rare. I looked all around and spent a couple of months chewing on it before talking to Al and ordering one of his helmets. I went all out; full face carbon fiber street helmet with upgrade hi-fi speakers and bluetooth intercom system installed and ready to ride.

I received the helmet fast (2 day UPS delivery) and I have about 100 miles on a couple of "bare" bikes with it. So far all is good, much reduced noise, quality is high, all looks great, shield mechanism, fit, ease of use all are great. I ordered this with a bluetooth intercom and it paired instantly to my phone after a quick charge of the battery. The intercom allows voice dialing which worked perfect first try. I will be putting on some miles on both bare and a couple fairing equipped bikes. Some pics, when I got it.

The helmet looks good I like the carbon fiber appearance it's light. About my only nit to pick so far; with the intercom and inflation system hanging on the bottom it looks a bit "Buck Rogers" or busy. No doubt as time moves on this will all be integrated into the shell for a smoother look AND less stuff sticking out, wind noise..... Helmet and bluetooth intercom are made in China. Helmet is DOT approved, but not Snell approval. Not sure about that lack but for now will guess it's the small size of Al's company, there is a lot of stuff to get done a endless money to be spent bringing a new system like this to market.

Full disclosure: I bought this because I thought it was the only product around that met all my needs/wants. After emailing then talking to AL, he cut me a bit of a deal. He installed the new upgrade speakers that won't be on the web site for a couple of months. He is running a special sending the intercom no charge in return for posting a helmet review on his site. He agreed to send the intercom with the helmet in return for my promise to make that review, and I stated I would put some reviews up on various MC forums as well. I will make a series of reports as I get some miles on and do some A-B testing with this and my full face Shoei and HJC helmets. Quiet Ride Helmets offers a range of options; from retrofit ear muff kits to several styles of motocross, snowmobile and street helmets.

Gary Goetz
Baraboo, Wisconsin
April 18th, 2016





Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Gustavo Martinez Rides: 
Honda Ruckus


Here's an attempt by way of review to hopefully satisfy, or at least assist, any potential buyers of this helmet. It's an investment no doubt. I'd like to include that basically what I was initially searching for in a helmet I have found by purchasing the Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet.

For me, essentially, in a helmet, the FIT was the most important aspect; its comfort ability paramount-aside from having a safe helmet certification (DOT). However, coupled with that, a built-in SPEAKER SYSTEM was necessary. As far as the look is concerned it's merely a minute plus. These are three things that I have found to be adequate in this helmet.

1. The Overall Fit

Concentrating on the fit, and for your reference, I hope the following description should be enough information in constructing an intimate impression in your mind for your benefit.

The inside of the helmet, covering the head and the facial area from temple to temple round back and front down towards the nape of neck there is a non-irritating liner of mesh material; it has the feature of being removable so you can launder. It has a deep fit design: fitting low on the dome. The underside of this stretchable breathable fabric consist of soft foam padding; having the most supportive pressure in the cheek bone area. Just above the nape of the neck cradling the cerebellum is a superadded cushioning; pinning the head into comfortable conformity and safety inside the helmet.

Sandwiched between the tough outer shell and the soft inner liner/soft foam there's an impact absorbing liner. This is what really protects your brain. In general terms, it is a hard foam that deforms and absorbs the energy of a blow. This is your one-time-use lifesaver after suffering a major blow.

The STRAP is a basic motorcycle helmet chin strap with a quick release mechanism. However, its functionality is precise.

Snapping the strap on and off can be done with the left hand alone without having to fiddle with it. (The former may necessitate practice.) It includes plush felt material with padding for a cushy feel around the neck.

All that is needed for a glove like fitting all-around consists of pumping air into the earmuff as so desired. This final process completes the qualities associated with the overall fit of the helmet.

As for the most important aspect of the helmet, the part that surrounds and encases the ears, the ear muff; i.e. the Noise Reduction Muffs. When sitting the helmet on your head the ears shift into the ear muff cup while the gel/memory foam pad seals around the ears perfectly. Having already explained the cushioning and padding within the helmet this is the resulting fit effect produced.

2. Ear Muffs Around the Ear

Moving on with the EAR MUFF DESIGN, its main feature, engine and wind noise reduction. Yes, it reduces these noises significantly. Personally, I don't doubt it does reduce them up to 65% as advertised.

Basically, all sounds are toned down. Some softer sounds eliminated. This only works at its maximum when the ear muffs are pumped with air thus encapsulating the ears. It creates, what can be thought of, like a vacuum.

Have you ever cupped a seashell fully over the ear? Or a glass cup? Try it! Quite simply, it is fair to say (in concept of course) that this is how the earmuff design works. However, without that hollow sound you hear with a shell, glass, or whatever. That, and this is important, the fact that you have gel/memory foam as a cushion. Oh, and music to boot. That is if you have it as part of your set up.

3. Speaker Quality

Up until now everything I've stated about noise/sound reduction has been the ear muff design alone not involving the utilization of the speakers. When music, or whatever it happens to be, is added to the equation, everything else can getmuch more quieter. It's all dependent on the factors at play.

The music coming from the speakers creates a, so to speak, a noise-cancelling effect from any sound in the exterior from fully reaching your ear. Depending on the gravity of the sound the effect can be optimal...

I will like to add that, the SPEAKERS are very adequate for talking on the phone or listening to talks. But as for music, it is not high-quality. I don't mind my classical or instrumental listening experience. Yet for rock, bass, ambient, or the like, I don't even bother.

In Conclusion

In regarding a proper fit I understand that buying a motorcycle helmet online is not necessarily an easy affair. And if you've ever done some shopping online for items requiring a selection of size it isn't difficult to accept this as a true statement. In fact I had to do a return on a size medium helmet for that of a small size.

I share this information with you with the hope that it should prove convenient. Getting the right size the first time doesn't have to be tricky. I hope the following brief summary on my adventure I undertook ultimately helps you better determine the right size for you.

For me, and I think, it isn't simply a matter of sticking with the same size all the time. It's just not that easy. In my case, for one, I owned a secondhand helmet size Large, 7 3/8-1/2. Secondly, it was my first helmet. Keep in mind though, and this is key, these two factors need not apply in complicating things. Like shoes due to there different brands, the same size may not always apply.

In my case before buying the Quiet Ride Helmet I'd tried on more than a couple of motorcycle helmets. To make it short, size Large 58-60 mm was too loose, Medium 56-57 mm was too uncomfortable; I immediately felt that it was squeezing my skull. By then I didn't bother trying on a small. I didn't have to. Although an experienced sales associate/rider suggested small as the right size for me. I just thought,'how tormenting it must be to wear such a tight helmet!'

Consequently, taking into account what I had experienced, I settled on going with the online purchase in Medium 57-58 mm. Upon the arrival of my initial order in the medium it wasn't easy to conclude whether it was the best fit at the time when I tried it on. I was hesitant in having to do an exchange for a small. I was afraid that the small would squeeze my skull as an outcome. However, I did, and after trying on the small it was without a doubt the right size for me. Thereafter I returned the medium. Considering these things, as I have heretofore described, perhaps, although you may already own a helmet or two similar in same size, that unfortunately will not necessarily apply always. Some are tighter-or whatever-more than others. But for this helmet if you measure on the tighter end of 54-55mm with a soft tape measure, like I do, then it's very probable (and I'm confident in recommending) that you'll be okay in buying the Small 55-56 mm without hesitation. (It fits me perfect). The same should apply across the board. If your measurement is closer to 56-57 mm, choose a Medium 57-58 mm, if 58-59 mm, a Large 59-60 mm, etc.

Final Comment

There are many helmets out there to choose from. Many good ones. And yes they can be installed with the QUIET RIDE EAR MUFF KIT as a separate purchased component.

However, the helmets available already intact with the Ear Muff Design, in simple words, make for a perfect match. I have no doubt besides my only having purchased the Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet, and my personal feel for it, that the rest would fit just as perfect.

The Carbon Fiber Full Face helmet doesn't feel uncomfortable at all while putting it on, when it's on, or while taking it off. It literally slips right over my head full of hair. It accommodates my glasses just fine, really.

As far as the speakers are concerned with there minimal aspect for registering music in rich quality, they can be switched for better ones. If need be, the whole bluetooth setup can be switched if necessary.

Besides this one negative the helmet is a solid investment. I highly recommend it. The fit totally outweighs this inconvenience.

Personally, I have no regrets having purchased it. On the contrary, I am happy to have found it online. And especially having had a very smooth sequence of events on my purchase in its entirety.

Thank you Al for all your assistance.

Gustavo Martinez
Hilo, Hawaii
April 13, 2016





Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Louis Stilloe Rides: 
Yamaha 2015 FJ-09


Dear Quite ride helmets

I am writing this review after a couple first rides of the season. My first impression of this helmet (carbon fiber) is that the pictures do not do it justice. This IS a nice looking quality helmet. I paid close attention to the helmet when riding and have to say it does as is supposed to. The speakers work great and the amount of noise you want in the helmet really is up to you. I can pump up the ears to where I hear very little or pump it up to where I can hear the engine of my bike. I would say it is a little better than a quality pair of ear plugs, however you can't listen to speakers with ear plugs in, that alone is worth buying this helmet.

Comfort and fit is a plus as well. Highly recommend this to everyone no matter the ride.

Louis Stilloe
Binghamton, NY
April 17th, 2016





Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Ted (Raymond) Wojcik Rides: 
1998 BMWR1100RT


It was time for a hew helmet, as my Shoei was going on 10 years old. I have a couple of BMW's and ride a great number of miles every year. I decided to do some research to find a quiet helmet and the Quiet Ride WEB site kept showing up. I checked comparisons from different suppliers and there was a lot of information available, but because Quiet Ride helmets are sold direct, I couldn't find any listings to compare them to other brands. I wanted to buy from a retailer who was close so I could try on the helmet. I spent some time reading forums and any place else Google took me to help with my decision, but what finally influenced me to purchase the fiberglass full face helmet was how reasonable the cost is and the fact that I could return it if I had a problem with the fit or I just plane didn't like it. The helmet was delivered promptly and I was really impressed by the finish and in general the quality of the helmet. It comes in a nice cloth bag and includes a tinted face shield. Again, I'm impressed. I put it on to check the fit and the sound reduction is immediately apparent, also I found it to be very comfortable. have been riding over 50 years and I would have to say that my initial satisfaction with any helmet has never been better. My wife and I decided to take a long ride this weekend and I loved hooking up the GPS in my iphone to the helmet speakers. Perfect!!! Noise reduction is to be marveled at. I give this helmet a double thumbs up. It is a great deal.

Ted (Raymond) Wojcik
Plaistow, New Hampshire
April 18th, 2016




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Jim Dickerson Rides: 
Kawasaki Concours 14


Hope all is well with you... Just wanted to send you a review now that I have had a few long rides to test out my new helmet... and I must say it's hard to put into words what this helmet has done for my MUSIC! Wow what a difference this makes! I ride a Concours 14 that I just put a set of Two Brothers exhaust on... which is a bit custom (dual exhaust with no CATS) so needless to say it a bit laud! I love the sound but it can get old after a couple of hours. anyway the helmet all but eliminated that issue, and at the same time it improved my music by like 75% !!! Most of which is in the mid and lows of the music, it just sounds better all the way around! Wind noise is gone! and road noise is gone!

I did a lot of research looking for a better helmet before I found your web site and this Quiet Ride helmet does everything you said it would! My old helmet is a Shoei and I was surprised to find that the carbon fiber version of Quiet Ride is lighter than my Shoei, and sized the same... The fit is spot on with Shoei. My wife and I have com. gear in our helmets, and I can hardly wait to get some in this new helmet to experience the difference a Quiet Ride makes!

Just wish I had this helmet 20 years ago! My hearing would be better and the joy of the ride would be epic!

Thanks so much,
Jim Dickerson
Reno, NV
April 13th, 2016





Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Matthew From Rides: 
Honda NT700V


I love this helmet, for the first time since I started riding 25+ years ago I can actually hear the music on my smart phone while riding as fast as I want to go, it's as good at 85mph as it is at 65mph. Even better I can actually turn the volume down and still clearly hear my music. I don't ride a particularly loud bike, it's a Honda NT700V but with my old Bluetooth helmet I could hear some scratching noise that kind of sounded like music when my smart phone was set to max or 11 for movie buffs. The fit and finish is very good, the field of view is better than my current helmet (Nolan) and it's as comfortable as any helmet I've owned. As you get older you start to value your hearing, not to date myself too much but, this has been a real pleasure after all those years. It's a standup company with a real product and I would recommend them to anyone.

Matthew From
Long Beach, California
April 11th, 2016



Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Anoma Moore Rides: 
2016 Triumph Street Twin


My husband has a quiet ride helmet and absolutely loves the noise reduction. I asked for one to fit me. Three years ago I was diagnosed with Ménière's disease and have constant noises in my right ear and even to the point of vertigo in the past. I recently was fitted with a hearing aid due to loss of hearing from the disease. My husband took me for a ride and the first thing I noticed was how many other sounds I could hear without the wind noise. For the first time I heard the dog barking as we went by. Just like the hearing aid, the helmet cancelled out the background noise allowing the good sounds to reach my ear. I must have compared it to Bose noise cancelling headphones at least six times before we got home. Great improvement and I now might like to ride as much as he does!

I am still working on the quick release tab as this is a different feel, especially with gloves. Helmet is comfortable. I would encourage those with claustrophobic feelings to pull the chin area all the way down as I was not familiar with the bottom face guard. My fit was great once I angled the helmet down slightly. I am very excited to have the Bluetooth as well. The rides won't be so long if I can talk with my husband and listen to Pandora. I'm glad my husband got this helmet for me! Thank you Quiet Ride Helmets!

Anoma Moore
Pleasant View, Tennessee
April 4th, 2016




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Dane Singleton Rides: 
2012 Honda NC700X


Just got my new quiet ride helmet. At first I was scared my ears wouldn't line up with the inner cuffs. But my fears were put to rest as soon as I put it on. There is definitely a noticeable difference in noise between pumped up and not and my old helmet. I've already shown of the new helmet to my co-workers who ride. The built in speakers with the added nose reduction is a super deal. Couldn't pass it up.

Dane Singleton
Phoenix, Arizona
March 27th, 2016



Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
James Valentine Rides: 
Ducati Multistrada 620


I’ve been riding motorcycles for many years and I have noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus. It was only a few years ago I became aware of the damage that wind noise can do to your hearing and it was then I set about researching the subject and trying to find a satisfactory solution. Though I tried full height screens (not so effective when you’re 6ft 3”) and many sets of bespoke molded ear plugs I wasn’t convinced that the protection was entirely adequate. There’s a complex relationship between speed and so the wind noise that’s created, the exposure duration on your ears at different decibel levels and the safe limits prescribed for your daily dosage of that noise. And hearing damage cannot be undone. Consequently I’ve ridden my bike less and less . . . and less.

A new line of thinking was required and so I began to look into Air Force (fighter jet) pilots helmets and so by a circuitous route of online clicking I ended up on the Quiet Ride Helmets website. I immediately ordered a Carbon Fibre Full Face helmet and that was duly dispatched to Scotland.

My first test ride with the Quiet Ride was in what I call ‘dirty’ air – rainy, blustery and far more turbulent/ noisier than a still, warm summers day. I pumped up the ear defenders and knew there and then that this was money well spent. I stopped and popped my noise meter microphone into one of the ear cups and rode off again. This of course was not a proper scientific test. However, the meter data suggested to me that I could have safely ridden (during any one day) for 8 hours at a constant 80 mph.

The human body is a great big sounding board and up to 40% of any noise that is transmitted to the ear can come that way. I imagine assimilating that into any data that’s collected (for every situation) would be tricky if not impossible so for my part, I still see ‘sound’ judgment as a necessary measure of what’s comfortable on the ear when riding.
Having read all the other reviews on the Q.R. website and finding my experience to be by and large the same as others I thought I’d take a different approach to talking about my experience with the Q.R. helmet. However, in the final analysis I’m saying the same as everyone else . . . . this is an outstanding product. Were the inventor to have been a British subject he may well have been due to hear the words . . . ‘ . . . for services to the worldwide fraternity of motorcyclists, arise Sir Alvin Halfaker.’!

Yours sincerely
James Valentine
Cupar, Fife, Scotland
March 26th, 2016





Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Perry Kostanich Rides: 
Suzuki GSX 1250 FA


I ordered my XL Quiet Ride helmet recently with a little trepidation regarding fit and of course noise levels and can now say it meets my expectations on both counts. The pump system is a very clever design and easy to inflate or deflate even when travelling at speed. The fit is the same as my Bell XL helmet and noise levels are way better. It has also much less wind resistance when I turn my head to check for traffic on the freeway. I wear prescription glasses and have found them comfortable to wear with the Quiet ride system. The strap system also works well and the supply of a spare visor is a bonus. Al was very helpful with any queries and delivery to New Zealand was not a problem. Thanks Al - as I said to you I hated the wind noise on my previous helmet so I couldn't be happier.

Perry Kostanich
Auckland, New Zealand
March 16th, 2016





Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Kip Felker Rides: 
Honda St 1300


After finding Quiet Ride Helmets on the Internet. I decided to give them a call about my concerns of ordering helmet online. While speaking with Alvin I asked him if I order one of your helmets and do not like the fit of it then what. He confidently told me that I should put it right back in the box and ship it back to him for a helmet in the correct size. My next question to him was if I cannot find a helmet that comfortably fits my head am I stuck with it. He assured me that I could return helmet for a refund if we had no luck with fitting my head. So armed with this information I confidently ordered my Quietride helmet. I ordered it Wednesday afternoon and it took until Friday for me to receive it. Am I inpatient or what. Great customer service. Upon opening the box I feel the fit and finish of this helmet is on par for this price point. The size was spot on for what I had ordered. I needed an extra large and the extra-large was the right size for me.

Going from a half shell helmet to a full face will take some getting used to but the helmet fit and felt great. Curious to how well the earmuffs will work inside the helmet I quickly began fiddling with the air pump. It seems about 8 to 10 Pumps is ideal pressure on the muffs for me. Now it's off for a ride. The lack of noise in this helmet is amazing. You have to let the air out of the muffs in order to really appreciate how well they work.

Now for the icing on the cake. I connected the helmet to my iphone and turn the music on. The volume level before compared to now is amazing. Now I do not have to drowned out the Wind, engine, environment noise. I can listen to my music at a reasonable level not having to overcome the noise around me.

Airflow in the helmet seems to be very good when I was riding the temperature was 55 degrees which is not uncomfortable. But I noticed even with the top vents shut off the top of my head was getting cold. But then I don't have any hair up there. So this assures me that during the warm weather with vents open I will have plenty of airflow.

Overview of the quiet ride helmet this is everything that it is advertised to be. I am looking forward to many seasons of enjoying the quiet and not the noise. Thanks Alvin.

Kip Felker
Grandville, Michigan
March 17th, 2016





Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Joseph Demko Rides: 
2015 Kawasaki Concours 14


If you ride a motorcycle, you need one of these helmets. I opted for the full-face carbon fiber model. Shipping was remarkably fast. I had my helmet in just a couple of days. I took it for a test drive on my 2015 Kawasaki Concours 14 yesterday. The C14 isn't a particularly loud bike and, with the helmet on, I couldn't hear it at all at cruising speed...only when I revved it. These helmets really are notably quiet. All the other racket that we lump together as "road noise" was dramatically reduced. It actually seemed odd to be on the bike, on the expressway competing with traffic, and yet the noise level was so low. It was a warmish day, so I tried riding with the visor cracked open. Still very quiet and, by toying with the bike's adjustable windshield, can be quieter yet. I tried the speakers out with both an iPod and an android phone. Music and driving directions were both listenable at legal highway speeds. Up around 85 mph or so, they get kind of muffled sounding. Are there any cons? Well, solid full-face helmets aren't as easy to put on as other designs, but that is true no matter who makes it. If it slides on too easily, it's too big and is going to move around on your head. The ear muffs integral to the quiet ride helmet feel a little different from other helmets, but it is only different, not bad or uncomfortable. The cable hook up is clumsy compared to a blue tooth unit, so you'll want the wireless equipment. TLDR: Does what they claim. Get one.

Joseph Demko
Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
March 14th, 2016




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Cipher Sam Rides: 
Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R


So today I took my bike out for the first time this year and needless to say I was very impressed with the quality of the helmet. At first I didn't pump the ear buds because I was listening to music, but once I pumped them the quality of music drastically increased because outside noise was cancelled and I could barely hear my bike, and I was literally jamming while I was riding. I got so many compliments on the helmet, part of it because I have a GoPro mount, but mostly because of its carbon fiber look and the quality of its design. I'm very pleased with the way the helmet is designed. I managed to install a mic for my GoPro on the helmet and piecing the insides back together was a breeze. If you look at this helmet and compare it to others, you can tell the difference in design and quality. The inside is so comfortable I was walking around with my helmet on in the gym. It's lightweight even with my GoPro and mic attachments and it fits so well. I rode it with the dark visor and it was very clear. This helmet literally blocks all the dangerous noise, and with the supplied speakers you can hear music which is also very great. The pump allows you to make the helmet more or less quiet, which is a big plus if you don't want to be in quiet mode you just don't pump it and you'll get some noise come through. The helmet also comes with a supplied wire connector that you plug into your MP3, or phone and it's high quality and long enough, but it will soon be replaced by the G7 intercom Bluetooth system. I am very pleased with this product, and I will be recommending it to other people, and Alvin is one great fellow who answered on my questions and stuck with me as it took me quite a while to finally buy the helmet as I had other obligations. Out of 10, I give the helmet a 9.5, the other .5 will come once I receive the G7. I couldn't be happier. It feels safe, has the new ratcheting system, and fits quite snug and is very lightweight.

Cipher Sam
Lowell, Massachusetts
March 6th, 2016




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Dan Moore Rides: 
2016 Triumph Street Twin


Quiet Ride Helmets exceeds all my expectations. I traveled by bike exclusively while in the Washington DC area serving in the military. I got away from bikes once married and kids were around. Over the course of two decades, I yearned for a bike again. My wife had apprehensions so I needed an angle to purchase something. I compromised and purchased a Vespa GT six years ago; justifying the purchase to my wife by saying I got it for her to ride around the neighborhood…. I also hoped some of my kids could ride as they grew. Well, my wife didn’t feel comfortable with the weight of the Vespa so I ended up riding it to and from work. However, I stopped riding it a couple years ago because the dang wind noise drove me crazy. All I could think about while riding was the noise – not road conditions, not temperature, definitely not joy. I have a full face HJC lid that I purchased from the BMW shop. Even with ear plugs and a windshield, the noise bothered me more than I wanted anyone to realize. A great Vespa sits unused in my garage.

Still desiring a bike, I started looking at classic street bikes. I was still concerned about the noise and started researching different helmets. I would buy a new bike (that I wanted to ride and not for my wife) if I could find a better helmet. I looked at BMW’s, Ducati’s and ended up with a 2016 Triumph Street Twin - based on input from my 16 yr old son! I knew February was a good month to purchase new bikes. As I was researching which bike, I found a thread on Triumph forum about quiet ride helmets. Comments like “it sounds too good to be true”, “why hasn’t Arai incorporated?”, “I’ll wait and see…”, but no one could provide any empirical criticism as they were too risk adverse to buy one. These are the very same comments I have encountered with my company, a health service company. I tell potential clients not to believe a word I say as I’m a lying sales person, but call any and all of my existing clients. So I wanted to see what actual customers were saying about Quiet Ride Helmets. Powerful positive statements! I like taking calculated risks, isn’t that part of riding a bike? So I ordered my helmet.

I received it within two days and upon initial inspection; very safe construction, looks better than I thought, more visibility than my HJC, and very comfortable. Super service and communication. I trailered the bike home from the shop and now I need a dry day to try out the new Triumph AND new helmet. I travel hundreds of times on plane each year and I have worn the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones for years. I had the over-the-ear, on-the-ear, and now back to the over-the-ear style. I’m amazed I can hear conversations a few aisle away with the headphones on. So my expectation level of noise reduction/cancelling was pretty high. The rain stopped, sun came out and temperature was 38 degrees – kind of close enough to being warm enough… I dawned the Quiet Ride. The ear muff was as comfortable as the over the ear Bose headphones. I few pumps and I could hear myself breathing. When I first started riding to work I was amazed at how great the Triumph sounded. I noticed I heard the car leaving his gravel driveway behind me. I started feeling how cold it was in work clothes. I heard the school bus stopping before I saw the lights. I thought my fingers were frostbit. I realized how well the helmet ventilated as I forgot to close the vents. I arrived my short distance to work and thought to myself, “that was the best motorcycle ride I have ever had!” I experienced the ride because I was not distracted by the noise and pressure of the ride on my ears! This helmet has changed my occasional riding to wanting to ride all the time. Now I’m buying all kinds of things to go riding. For the first time in my life I purchased leather chaps and hot weather mesh armor jacket and pants. I’m telling you guys this helmet is really good. I am ordering another one for my wife now. I know she will love the Quiet Ride Helmet. If I had the money of a celebrity Shark Tank Investor, I would immediately scarf up Al and the Quiet Ride Helmet.

Daniel Moore
Pleasant View, Tennessee
March 2nd, 2016





Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Lauren Linstad Rides: 
1984 Honda Magna


 I have used my fiberglass full face model for about two months and really like it. I ride the freeways in San Diego 45 minutes each way to work every day going mostly 60-70 mph. I usually wait until I’m up to a high speed before I pump up the ear muffs so that I can experience the difference it makes. I have found that for me, about 8 or 9 pinches on the pump and the muffs are comfortably snug against my head and what I hear is quiet rustling of the wind. There is no howl or whistling. I can also hear my engine a little, but not much, so it is just the right amount for me. It took me a few tries to get the air pressure the way I like it. At first I was pumping them to 10 or 11, but would let some air out as theyseemed too tight after a while. The pump bulb is easy to use as is the air release valve, even with the bulky gloves I wear. The helmet is very comfortable and it fits me well. I have a 58 cm head size and as that was at the upper end of the medium range, I went for a large because I don’t like it super tight, but it is still snug. I also have been using the built-in speakers a lot plugged into my iphone. The sound quality is very good, and I’m glad to be able to listen on my long rides every day. It seems like it is constructed very well, and I like to keep it in its protective bag to keep it nice. I’m really happy I got it, and I feel like I’m doing all I can to protect my hearing.

Lauren Linstad
Jamul, California
February 28th, 2016





Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Rita Acharki Rides: 
2006 Honda Shadow


I just wanted to share the great experience that I had, I was impressed by the way Al explained everything to me and the patience he had answering all my questions and my concerns! I got the carbon fiber full face helmet for my boyfriend and it looks great, we have nothing comparable to this in Canada ! My boyfriend fell in love with it from the moment he saw it on the website ! I'm planning to get the same one for me very soon. These products are phenomenal and the price is very reasonable and fair for the quality of the helmet + the customer service provided by Al is fantastic !! I definitely recommend it to everyone.

Rita Acharki
Saint Laurent, Quebec
February 23rd, 2016





Quiet Ride Fiberglass Motocross Helmet
Ian Scully Rides: 
2015 Pro RMK Snowcheck model


I tried the new helmet out last weekend on a snowmobile trip to Revelstoke British Columbia.

The helmet worked great, reduced the noise from my sled considerably and was extremely comfortable (did not notice the weight).

Upgraded speakers and communicator were a bonus and helped with communication between sleds.

Ian Scully
Airdrie, Alberta
February 23, 2016



Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Charles in California Rides: 
750 Honda Shadow


I just needed one day of riding to write this review. I ordered the extra large carbon fiber full face helmet. This helmet fits true to size as I wear an extra large in my other two helmets. First, I spoke with the owner and also emailed him. He listens to your questions and answers them fully. He also rebut feedback to improve on his product. I knew as soon as I put the helmet on it was going to make a difference in my ride and protect my hearing.

I am a tired Navy Vet and do not have much hearing left to give up. I can ride to and from work almost every day. I started this about a year ago. I did not like the road and wind noise. I tried ear plugs, but ear plugs I did not like. I noticed about a month ago I was asking my sons to speak up and repeat themselves. That's when I starting looking for a new helmet. There are 1800 dollar helmets but they do not tackle the noise issue or provide much in hearing protection.

The Quite Ride helmet is a very good helmet. It fits tight and has a cool look. Great quality for a first issue? The air circulation vents work great and the inner padding is easily removable. The face shield is adjustable and I love the fact that the smoked shield was included for free. Swapping the shields are easy and quick. Overall an outstanding product for the price. The helmet is everything the seller advertised it to be. It's super comfortable, lightweight, and it looks awesome! I'm definitely pleased with this purchase. This helmet has a quick release strap so that you can set it at a desired length and quickly return to that setting using the quick release.

So this morning I had the best ride ever and I have been riding for 41 years. No wind noise freeway and engine were greatly muffled and I was able to listen to music at a much lower volume. It was almost like sitting at home with your headphones on with just a low hum of the motor in the background. I cannot wait for the ride home. I ride a 750 Honda shadow and a 1970 Harley Davidson

February 18th, 2016



Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Motocross Helmet
Scott Petett Rides: 
2015 Ski Doo 800 Summit X T3 163"



I wanted to give you guys a shout out for making this helmet that I wish I'd been wearing for my lifetime of riding. I suffer from incurable constant tinnitus, (ringing in the ears) that is cumulative and gets worse with noise exposure. Two of my favorite hobbies are snowmobiling and mot-x riding that I was considering giving up because of the considerable worsening in my condition. Your Quiet ride helmet is helping tremendously, I can now ride all day and not have a worsening in my tinnitus, thank you for your efforts. I wish I had been wearing this helmet for years, I'm telling all my friend. Thanks for your work and keeping me doing what I love.

Scott Petett, D.C.
Renton, Washington
February 14th, 2016

I received personal mountain riding video made early this January in Pacific Northwest by Scott Petett and friend at their secret spot. Riding conditions on day video was made were fantastic.
Al Halfaker, Quiet Ride Helmets




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Gary Allcox Rides: 
Honda NC700x


I commute to and from Ft Bragg, NC every other day. I have about an hour and fifteen minute ride each way. I love listening to music while riding and I hate wind noise. I also have a hearing disability from prior military active duty service.

The helmet. Very Nice, right out of the box today. Very nice quality and finish on it. The first ding on this helmet will hurt like a dent in a new car. I like the chin screen and nose cone. It is a little snug for my sun glasses on the sides. It is snug on my jaws but all helmets are. This helmet gives very good peripheral vision. I love this buckle on the chin strap.

The speakers sound great and the music is very clear. Wind noise is mostly gone until around 65-70 , I plan on taking care of that with a taller screen on the bike then I should be riding with nothing but my tunes.

As far as service is concerned Alvin has been excellent at running this business, great communication and quick shipping. I will do business with Quiet Ride again.

Overall, I think I made a very good decision on going with this helmet, it's like sitting in the hearing test booth at work... just me and the ringing in my ears.

Gary Allcox
Durham, North Carolina
February 6th, 2016





Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Motocross Helmet
Wayne Hunt Rides: 
2008 Ski-Doo XP 800


I received my helmet and took my first ride today January 18th. The noise reduction was outstanding! The helmet fit good and was everything that was advertised. It was great to have a breath box that was custom to the helmet as opposed to after market drop ins. The other priceless addition is the quick latch strap. In the past, I wouldn't go through the motions of strapping my helmet, problem solved. On top of the noise reduction, it was absolutely awesome to float through the powder with good music jamming. Thanks so much.

Wayne Hunt
Helena, Montana
January 19th, 2016





 Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Motocross Helmet
Brady Vanvliet Rides: 
2010 Arctic Cat M8


Just got my 1st sled ride of the season in and the helmet worked GREAT! When I started the tunes it was like starring in a sled movie with the music. This is a great product. I got the carbon motocross helmet and it functions perfectly and looks like a million bucks. Thanks Quiet Ride.

Brady Vanvliet
Helena, Montana
January 18th, 2016





Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Motocross Helmet
Tally Armstrong Rides: 
2010 Arctic Cat M8


As I've gotten older, the sound of my snowmobile has become increasingly bothersome. I've been on 3 rides since I've gotten my helmet and the noise reduction is phenomenal. When I start the tunes from my IPOD, it's like 2 highs on the same ride. I'm thrilled someone finally implemented this concept. It's a great looking helmet too!!

Tally Armstrong
Helena, Montana
January 18th, 2016





Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Chad Uebersetzig Rides:
2011 Ducati Multistrada 1200s


Finally got a chance to get out and try my new carbon fiber Quiet Ride helmet. My first impression after receiving the helmet, quality was on par with any other expensive brand name helmet that is on the market. Fit was the same as my Shoei, I always get large helmets and the large fit perfect. The liner is very comfortable and appears to be high quality as well. I rode about 180 miles on Sunday and it was a wonderful thing not having to use ear plugs. Noise reduction, not elimination, was significant with the Quiet Ride helmet. You can still hear wind noise, but it is not loud enough to put that ringing in my ears that I would get from my other helmets. When I wore ear plugs with my other helmets I felt like I was in a bubble and despite blocking out most of the noise I would still get a buzzing noise in my ears that would last for a couple days. I was at the point where I wasn’t riding all that much because I knew that I was permanently damaging my hearing. I think all motorcycle riders know the ringing that I’m talking about. The Quiet Ride helmet is worth the money spent, I could have bought 2 Quiet Ride helmets for what I paid for my Shoei. I am definitely very satisfied with my purchase.

Chad Uebersetzig
Temecula, California
December 7th, 2015





Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Bill Grantham Rides: 
BMW K1200


I have been looking to replace my 6 year old Shoei RF1000 helmet for a few months now. I have been using custom ear plugs for many years to project my hearing. Without them, the helmet is very noisy. I test drove a Schuberth C3 Pro helmets at a dealer. It was nice but not a game changer. It fit well, the noise level acceptable, the sllde down visor was ok. Hate to see what it would cost or replace it. However, I was willing to shell out $850 to get rid of my earplugs.

Then I found Quiet Ride on the net. The videos were impressive and the reports even more so. For $375, it seemed worth the risk. 5 days later it on my doorstep. Nice. The helmet is excellent quality. The carbon fiber shell always impressed me. Once I removed the plastic nose guard, the field of view was excellent. I have been on two rides so far. I use my BMW K1200 to get to job sites for job walks. Most of my projects are about 30 min away. Parking is never an issue and lane splitting makes getting stuck in traffic a non-issue.

At 60 mph the noise levels are very acceptable much better that with old helmet and ear plugs. At 70 mph the noise level goes up but barely noticeable. From 70 to 90, no difference at all. Its only when I turn my head, the seal is broken and more noise enters my earmuffs but as soon as I return to looking straight ahead, the seal reforms and the noise dampens. No bid deal.

I tried pumping the ear blatters more than the initial setting but it made no difference in reducing the sound. I use a small Bluetooth receiver to connects to my phone to give me directions to job sites. Its very clear even at 80 mph. The built in speakers work for music but not for driving directions. Bummer but then again, I don't like wires anyway so I tucked them out of the way for future use.

That being said. I would highly recommend this helmet. It truly is a game changer. The low tech solution is ingenious. Kudos to Alvin for making this happen. Keep up the great work!

Bill Grantham
San Diego, California
December 2nd, 2015





Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Scott Hesterberg Rides: 
Honda Shadow 750cc


I have always wondered why noise protection was not a bigger design and review parameter for motorcycle helmets, particularly for long distance touring rides, and was very pleased to find one in the form of the Quiet Ride helmet. This helmet is extremely good value, arriving encased in a surprisingly high quality, thick helmet bag. The helmet also comes with a smoke and clear visor, chin curtain, India buckle and nose/breath guard, in addition to its ear muffs with speakers.

I would advise customers to give the helmet a few rides to break in. When it first arrived I thought I would have to give it up as it had an uncomfortable pressure point the front the helmet at the forehead, and was additionally very difficult to pull on over my ears and even more so coming off. However after wearing it for a time, perhaps a few hours, things improved dramatically, it is now nearly as easy as my old helmet, and I expect it will continue to improve.

The fiberglass helmet, even with all the add-ons appears to weigh about the same as my old HJC-CL15. The helmet has vents that seem to flow very well, as best I can tell in the current cold weather, I can feel the air when I open the vents, not something I could do in my old helmet. The action of the visor through the steps is smooth and it closes gently but firmly. The helmet moves very well through the air, with less resistance than the HJC, even while sideways with head turned!

The India buckle deserves a mention as well, the first alternative to the traditional d-ring I have ever seen. It works extremely well, it is much easier to use with gloved hands and can even be loosened and tightened for comfort while riding!

The muffs work well to quiet your ride, engine noise is still apparent at low speeds but on my bike at higher speeds engine noise that I used to be able to heard is no longer audible. If wish to hear more outside noise you simple press the button to release air from the bladders pulling the muffs away from your ears, which will make things surprisingly loud by comparison.

The speakers sound excellent, I have no experience with alternative speakers but I have no complaints about these.

Cons: The quality of the helmet is good, but it does show some signs of being a first generation product. The material for the surrounds is a rubbery material similar to electrical tape, I am concerned the muffs will not breath well enough during hot summers.

In addition as others have mentioned wearing glasses with this helmet is very difficult. I have only one pair that work, the key features being shorter than average arms/temples, which allows them to only have to sit under one ridge of the muffs, and a slick temple tip, allowing them to pass the muff ridge without sticking. This is unfortunate as I greatly prefer wearing sunglasses to carrying multiple visors and switching between them. That being said I am not sure what could be done about this by Quiet Ride except cut shallow pass-through in the muffs, but that might compromise the sound deadening.

Scott Hesterberg
Pasadena, Maryland
November 29th, 2015





Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Steve Stiles Rides: 
Honda Shadow 750cc


I have ridden with the Quiet Ride helmet for a couple of weeks now, it is great. The noise reduction works as promised: I ride a Honda Shadow 750cc, admittedly a quiet bike, that is utterly silent on the highway with the noise reduction bladders inflated.

Built in speakers is a great feature, and the carbon fiber construction is very light. The fit is perfect and the strap/release couldn't be easier. Getting cool feedback on the looks as well -- icing on the cake.

There's nothing comparable for the quietness, and nothing comes close to the quality for the price. I've got a couple of friends now interested in buying one as well, even though they've already got expensive helmets.

This is a great deal.

Stephen Stiles
El Paso, Texas
November 24th, 2015





Quiet Ride Fiberglass Motocross Helmet
Shawn Bickford Rides: 
CRF 450


Al, I have received my quiet ride helmet, thanks for the quick and free delivery, I have got to use my helmet once so far to get out and ride my CRF 450. I was impressed with the noise reduction and still get to listen to music. The way the helmet fits is great with the ear muffs that pump up it makes the helmet stay in place better if you look up going fast it does not have the tendency to roll back as other helmets do. I will be putting it through the test for snowmobiling here soon as we are starting to get snow in the mountains and hope to ride soon. I will email you again soon with an update on how it does while snowmobiling.

Shawn Bickford
Havre, Montana 5950
November 24th, 2015






Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Keith Arcilla Rides:
Polaris Slingshot



I received the new helmet about an hour or so ago... I went for a ride and instantly I was amazed and very impressed with the results. With my tinnitus, I used to get headache after short or long rides... This helmet will save my hearing and I will be able to
enjoy ridding again... You have a great product and I advise everyone to get this helmet before you lose your hearing...

I thank you and my family surely thanks you!

Keith Arcilla
Grayslake, Illinois
November 19th, 2015



Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Mike Dolgetta:
Ducati Monster


I recently received my quiet ride fiberglass helmet. First thing I noticed right out of the box was what nice quality we had. I recently purchased a Shoei helmet (very expensive) and I compared the two, very similar in weight and both very well

When I tried on the helmet, it fit like a glove! I take a large in the Shoei and I ordered the same size from Alvin. What you notice immediately is how well it fits and how quiet it is without even putting air in the earmuffs.

Riding with his helmet on the road it's quite an experience. Alvin should really change the name of the helmet to the "noise assassin" because it completely killed noise. This thing is quieter than my Shoei expensive helmet with ear plugs inserted! Below 70 miles an hour it really is very quiet with a little wind noise coming in above that speed.

What's nice is that you can adjust the amount of air in the bladder to let in some road noise when you want it.

The extra smoked visor for sunny days works really great and I found it fairly easy to change.
My complaints on this on that a few but here they are.

1. The speakers could be a better quality although they are not bad. I'm used to listening to music on my Bose headphones. But maybe Santa Alvin will have an upgrade available soon :)

2. Feels a bit hot, with airflow being OK I rode in 45° weather and found it very comfortable just a little concerned about summer weather.

Overall this helmet is a game changer ! Especially for people who are commuting a distance to work on their motorcycles, you'll arrive much more relaxed.

Mike Dolgetta
Yonkers, New York
November 16th 2015


Message from Al Halfaker, Owner of Quiet Ride Helmet Inc. and Quiet Ride Muff, Inc.

The pictures below are from Stu and Janell Clarke's website. They both have engineering degrees from Australia. They decided to take time off from work and ride their very quiet BMW 650GS bikes through five continents starting in South America, Mexico, and the U.S. and next January travel to Europe and beyond staying in a tent with two dogs along the way and sometimes in motels and homes. Follow their adventure on They have met many wonderful people along the way and put on over 54,000 miles of riding. Only major problem was excess helmet wind noise at hwy. speeds day after day. Neither of them like ear plugs and after 19 months of biking their hearing was suffering damage. They Googled Quiet Helmet and Quiet Ride Muff websites and emailed me if it would be possible to come too home office in Grand Rapids, Mn. while traveling through Minnesota and either buy some helmets or install ear noise reduction muffs in their Arai XD4 helmets. They arrived on a Friday evening and left on Sunday morning with very large smiles on their faces with ear noise reduction muff kits in their well used Arai XD4 helmets. Pictures of them installing ear noise reduction muff kit can be seen at

Arai XD4 Cross Over Helmet
Stu and Janell Clarke Rides:
Two BMW 650GS


Wind Noise! Speak to any rider and they will tell you about this deafening exposure to the elements that not only causes long term damage to hearing but also fatigue, turning long days which should be a thrilling experience into an endless drag.

There are a number of solutions on the market, including earplugs, sound cancelling speakers, molded earphones or silicon sealing ear phones, each found in various qualities and levels of effectiveness. We had personally tried earplugs and silicon sealing earphones but neither suited our needs, in both cases they were uncomfortable and not well fitted and in the case of the earplugs, also blocked out the sound from our communications unit. The end result was that we carried them with us all the time but they were never used. Going to sound cancelling speakers or molded earphones is costly but a choice that most people consider a good investment due to the savings in your hearing.

However, there is another option. During our travels we had many discussions about our degrading hearing and got to thinking that there must be a helmet with ear muffs built in! So we did what everyone does these days, we checked with Google. Sure enough, we found Al of Quiet Ride Helmets who had patented the seemingly ideal solution.

First a little about Al. We contacted Al through the Adventure Rider website ( where we’d seen his responses to comments in the forum. We asked if we could come past and check out his product and to our surprise he responded with an offer to have us camp in his yard and help with the installation of the Quiet Ride Earmuffs. Al certainly surprised us, he is a 76-year-old man living in Northern Minnesota. Three years ago, while riding his snowmobile, he came up with the concept of fitting earmuffs into his helmet to reduce the noise and so went about designing the product. His first attempt was rudimentary, taking a pair of industrial earmuffs and placing them inside a helmet with little pressure to support them. However, the result, in his words, was incredible. He said on that first ride with the muffs in his helmet he had a smile from ear to ear.

After some thinking he came up with the idea of placing an air bladder behind the earmuffs against the shell of the helmet. A small pump attached to the exterior of the helmet inflates the bladder and pushes the muffs against the side of the riders head to create a seal. This operation is similar to the way Reebok Pumps inflate to provide added support within their shoes. A release valve, found next to the pump, releases the pressure to allow the muffs to retract back into the cavity and allow the helmet to be removed effortlessly.

Al worked with an engineering team to design the earmuff system and met with a manufacturer to produce a kit, always insisting on top quality materials. The installation of the kit requires some serious surgery to ones helmet and the better part of a weekend even for the best-equipped do-it-yourselfer. This clearly wasn’t an ideal solution, as it was impossible to clearly illustrate the amount of work required and too often buyers were returning the kits having purchased them with the impression that the installation would be simple.

So Al went back to the drawing board and teamed up with a helmet manufacturer to design a range of DOT approved helmets with the muffs factory installed. The result, the Quiet Ride Helmets, available as a carbon fiber or fiberglass shell in road and motocross styles.

We tried on one of the Quiet Ride Helmets about 10 minutes after meeting Al. It was very comfortable and the ambient noise certainly reduced and gave us enough confidence in the solution to start hacking into the padding of our own helmets the next day. It was tempting at that time to just purchase a helmet and be done with it but believing our helmets still had some life left in them, we decided to go with the more challenging muff kit installation.

We regretted our decision pretty early on during the installation, but were committed to completing the job and proving it was simple enough to do. But actually we convinced ourselves quite the opposite, although we had a great day with Al, his wife Patti and their myriad of animals, we would not want to go through the installation again with a new helmet. Our strong recommendation would be to simply purchase one of his Quiet Ride Helmets and be done with it.

We won’t go into the details of the installation since Al has documented that well on his webpage.

However, it did take us all day and a little bit into the next morning. With the finished product in hand we were keen to get on the bikes and thoroughly test out the result. We paid Al for the kits not wanting to influence our review and were on our way.

So what about the result in noise? Well we could give you all the numbers about the reduction in decibels but this can be found on his website. The muffs drastically reduce the amount of sound that reaches the ear, attenuating high pitch sounds to a greater extent so that wind noise (high pitch) is muffled more so than ordinary traffic and speech (lower pitch). The gel pads only need to be lightly pressed against the head for maximum attenuation; no greater results are achieved with further pressure. The pads are made from military grade materials and highly durable while remaining comfortable for any period of time. We’ve tested the units extensively for over 6 weeks now and feel confident in recommending the technology and the quality of the product.

The most impressive part for us was the volume we were able to set our communications units to. We use the Sena 20S Bluetooth Communications unit with the speakers placed inside the muffs. Prior to having the Quiet Ride Earmuffs installed we had the volume set to the very maximum and even then would be hard pressed to hear each other at speeds in excess of 60MPH. However, with the Earmuffs installed we have the volume set all the way down to its lowest setting and only when travelling over 70MPH do we need to consider turning the volume up.

Sometimes it's hard to remember just how much difference the muffs have made, but pressing the release valve while travelling over 70MPH quickly reminds us, as we get a rush of that high pitch droning sound.

This experience has drastically changed our perspective of hearing protection and never again will we put up with wind noise knowing that such an easy solution is available. For our next helmet, we won’t hesitate in contacting Al to get our hands on one of his Carbon Fiber Motocross Helmets.

Stu and Janell Clarke
Sydney, Australia
November 15th, 2015





Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Robert Takacs Rides:
2008 Harley Electra glide, 2006 Honda interceptor, 2008 Harley wide glide, and Yamaha Kodiak 400


Hi, just wanted to let you know that the helmet is a MUCH needed IMPROVEMENT for my commute to work!! I am very happy with your invention and wish you all the best. (If you ever need someone to speak to a potential buyer and I can help have them call me) . Thanks for your efforts. My ears thank you more than you will ever know!!

Robert Takacs
Shelton, Connecticut
November 6th, 2015





Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet

Lief Erickson Rides: 
Suzuki M109R


This Quiet Ride helmet does exactly what it says it will do... give you a quiet ride. You will notice it immediately when you slip the helmet on... all sounds are eerily muffled, something I'm definitely not used to! As a matter of fact, I found such a vast improvement in cutting down outside noises that I did not even find it necessary to pump the muffs up at all. The first thing I did was hook up my IPod and, holy mackerel, what a difference having the speakers nestled into the ear muffs makes... much clearer plus now I can crank it only 1/2 way up vs. destroying my eardrums, like I used to do. Complaints about the strap being too long and flapping was taken care by Velcro and also negated by the best ratchet buckle system I've ever seen. No more fumbling gloves trying to buckle a helmet, now it's just a sweet click! A gripe I do have is not having an integrated internal visor, but this was balanced by a smoke tinted shield, included, which I replaced the clear shield with. I love how this helmet muffles my m109r causing it to sound even sweeter to me now. No more ear buds and plugs falling out as my helmet goes on. No more ears being blasted by road noise or music set at decibels way too high thing to overcome all of the wind noise! This helmet makes me want to get on my 109 and just keep on riding!!!!!

Lief Erickson
Woodland, WA
October 29th, 2015




Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet

Justin Wheeler Rides:
Honda CBR 600 RR


A few weeks ago, I received my Quiet Ride Helmets helmet. My immediate reaction was positive. It's lighter than my current helmet, has way more features, and comes way better equipped in general. Then I put it on my head. It fit perfectly. I used the pump to squeeze some air into the helmet. Immediately, my wife, sitting beside me became silent. She hadn't stopped talking; the helmet had stopped me from hearing it.

Since that day, I've worn the helmet a quiet a bit and ridden in all sorts of conditions: sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy, dark, light, cold, warm. And the helmet has performed amazingly.

I don't think you can really explain just how quiet this helmet is. At 80mph it's still incredibly quiet. At this speed, my old leading brand helmet sounded like I was in a wind tunnel behind a jet engine.

I had also put a very expensive bluetooth module in my previous helmet. Its sound quality was absolutely abysmal compared to my quiet ride helmet. This is where the quiet ride helmet actually surprised me. I did not expect built-in speakers to sound this good. (Part of my problem may be that I had to jack the volume to the top in the old bluetooth kit to overcome the noise of my old helmet, whereas in the Quiet Ride, I don't have to go anywhere near max volume to hear my music at top speed on the highway.)

At its price point, feature set, and what it comes with, my Quiet Ride helmet absolutely destroys the competition in value, price, and quality. There are cheaper helmets, but they're terrible. There are way more expensive helmets, and they pale in comparison to this thing.

It's almost too good to be true.

My only qualms are minor. There are three of them. First, with the helmet strap adjusted the way I like it, it's almost fully tight. This leaves the adjustment strap flapping in the wind. This can (and will) be fixed with an elastic band or something simple, but something on the helmet would've been helpful. Second, I'd have liked it if the helmet had a stay position on the visor where I could leave the visor mostly closed, but just a few mm open for air circulation in warm weather. Finally, removing/switching the visors isn't as easy as I'd like. I've gotten better at it over time, but still not perfect.
All in all, this helmet is absolutely amazing. It's comfortable, it's unbelievably quiet, the sound is good, it's light, and it comes feature-packed.

Quiet Ride Helmets has made a lifetime customer out of me (and I suspect many of my friends are going to follow suit).

Justin Wheeler
Cambridge, Ontario
October 26th, 2015


Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet

Laszlo Koska Rides:
Honda CBR 600 RR


Since I have been a child I have always been fascinated by motorcycles and now I'm just a big kid still with a strong passion for them.
I have been riding for many many years now, but for the last year or so I noticed that I started to avoid riding because I had a harder time tolerating the wind and engine noise. I started wearing soft foam ear plugs in my full faced Shoei helmet to eliminate the noise, but I would still get headaches and get tired quickly.

My work is 70 miles away from home through moderate and heavy traffic. Since it's legal in California to split lanes, I can save 2 hours every day in travels just by riding my motorcycle instead of driving my car. The noise bothersome has become so bad that even with this incentive, I would choose to drive my car even on a perfect riding day instead of riding my bike.

I have even considered giving up motorcycling all-together for this reason, since riding become more painful than enjoyable. I have become desperate for a solution to this problem, I visited many motorcycle shops asking specifically for quiet helmets to ride in, big name brands like Shoei had very little to offer for this concern.

I just did not understand, was this something that only affected me. I started searching on the Web to see if I could find threads with people having the same issues and concerns.

Then I stumbled upon the Quiet Ride Helmet, I was a bit skeptical at first, but also really excited by this new potential. I decided to purchase the Carbon Fiber Quiet Ride helmet, after which I could hardly wait for its arrival.

Since using the Quiet Ride Helmet my passion for motorcycling has been re-ignited and have been putting miles back on my bikes instead of my car.
I do still wear the soft ear plugs with the Quiet Ride Helmet when I'm cruising on the Highway, this is just because I like it really quiet, but the Quiet Ride
Helmet has made a huge difference for me.

Riding in an environment that is quiet and comfortable has become super important to me now, and I do believe that the Quiet Ride Helmet is currently the quietest helmet available.

Laszlo Koska
Temecula, California
October 25th, 2015



Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet

Mike Linkous Rides:
2005 Suzuki Boulevard C50T with V&H pipes



I ride a 2005 Suzuki Boulevard with V&H pipes. Not as loud as some, but not exactly quiet. Over the summer of 2015, wind, road and engine noise began to bother me more and more. Music and phone calls over my Bluetooth system has never been “good” because of all the ambient noise even though my helmet is a well-known +4-star brand. Same for my Bluetooth.

I began searching the internet for reviews of “quiet” helmets. Not many make any claim of reducing noise and those that do are very expensive. I came across the Quiet Ride Helmet by chance. The information and videos on the website got my interest. In my internet searches, I could find no other helmet making such claims about noise reduction anywhere near the price point of the Quiet Ride Helmet. The videos demonstrating the noise reduction effects of the helmet were what got me to call the company and ask some questions. Everything sounded great. I ordered the helmet through the web site that same day.

The first time I put on the helmet was in my office at work. Everything went silent! I was really impressed. When I rode home that evening, it took me a few miles to get my attention back on the interstate instead of focusing on how much noise I didn’t hear. The ride is not silent, but so much better than before. I feel more relaxed and comfortable even at interstate speeds. Every ride has been the same.

The helmet looks and fits well. The pump mechanism and the ear “muffs” work great.
For me this helmet is a definite keeper. Thanks Quiet Ride Helmet’s.

Mike Linkous
Macon, Georgia
October 12th, 2015




Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet

Squire Tomasie Rides:
Suzuki Gsxr 1000



Your helmet is awesome. Hard on the ears going on and off but I appreciate the small shell size and it's worth it. Did a ten mile burn down the freeway and was happy. No buffeting, I was able to turn my head more than normal with other helmets as I have short neck. Double plugged ( ear plugs ) and it was quieter than a car at 100 mph. Rear spoiler looks venerable to dropping, can it be replaced if I hurt it? Had to shorten strap all the way, but isn't an issue because of it being more aerodynamic and the ears securing it don't have to rely on strap to keep helmet from lifting above 120 mph plus. Think I will be selling some for you. I am retired and could visit local dealers and promote your helmet. Anything in it for me if I do????? Plan on doing it any way as I know most of the owners. I do think your concept of no dealers the way you're doing it now is better. Had a Porsche independent repair shop for 35 years and just sold it. keep up the great work.

Squire Tomasie
Bellevue, Washington
October 9th, 2015



Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet

Brett Shockley Rides:
Ducati Multistrada, Ducati Monster, KTM 500 EXC and Honda 450


Hi Alvin,
Thank you for quickly shipping the Quiet Ride carbon fiber helmet. I commute on my Ducati in the San Francisco bay area almost every day. I use Waze for traffic and GPS and regularly make and receive phone calls on my blue tooth headset. With my old helmet there was so much noise that it was difficult to hear phone calls or music unless I turned the headset up so loud it hurt my ears. The Quiet Ride helmet is amazing. It cuts out enough wind noise that I can comfortably listen to music, GPS or phone calls at a normal volume.

Brett Shockley
San Jose, California
October 6th, 2015



Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet

Wesley Schwartz Rides:
Yamaha V-Star 650 with (loud) Vance and Hines pipes


After receiving my helmet, I was immediately impressed by the quality feel of the helmet. The padding is very comfortable, the helmet feels sturdy, and the visor opens and closes without a lot of bending. The vents are easy to open and close while wearing my leather gloves and without being able to see them.

As for sizing, my last helmet was an XL, but I followed the sizing guide provided on the website and it recommended a L. I ended up going with the L and it was a perfect fit, so I'd recommend measuring your head instead of just going with old helmet size, if possible.

The main reason I purchased this helmet was for the hearing protection, and I'm happy to say that I wasn't disappointed. The pump for the earmuffs is extremely easy to operate, even with gloved fingers. The force of the inflated earmuffs is not uncomfortable and actually helps to really make the helmet fit even better. When riding, I could still hear the traffic noise around me and didn't feel like I was cutting out the world. The sound reduction was very noticeable and I found that my ears did not ring after riding on the freeway like they normally do.

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend it!

Thanks for the awesome helmet!
Wesley Schwartz
Minneapolis, Minnesota
September 29th, 2015



Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet

Frank Miele Rides:
BMW S1000rr with full race headers and Akropovich shorty can


Amazing helmet, so amazing that I can't believe Shoei and Schuberth haven't figured this out.

I researched far and wide to find the quietest helmet available. I read ratings on Schuberth and the reviewers raved about its low decibel ride. Before sinking $800 into that option, I borrowed a friend's Schuberth and found it about on par with my $250 GLX helmet.

I ride a BMW S1000rr with full race headers and the Akropovich shorty can. It was way too loud for sustained riding so I welded up my own baffle to quiet the muffler down a little. It's still too loud and gives me headaches after a 2-3 hour ride in the mountains. I tried my luck with the Quiet Ride helmet with noise reduction muffs. What can I say? This set up is amazing, elevates the whole riding experience. The helmet is well constructed. The visor on the helmet slides into place with the precision of a German car door closing, very satisfying look and feel inside and out.

The level of noise reduction is just incredible and I would recommend the full Quiet Ride helmet setup to anyone that rides with a full face helmet.

Frank Miele
Westport, CT
September 27th, 2015



Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet

Mark Garrison Rides:
Yamaha FZ-07


I had been looking for a quiet helmet for almost a year. I ride a Yamaha FZ-07 and the wind noise at highway speeds is deafening. When listening to music I had to have the volume at max. The Quiet Ride Helmet does what it claims. Wind noise is significantly reduced and I can hear my music even at low volumes.

I was even pleasantly surprised that they even included the smoke shield.

Mark Garrison
September 21st, 2015



Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
David Young Rides:
Ducati Diavel


Helmet arrived as scheduled and fit is spot on for me. Glasses slide over ears with no problem when muffs are deflated. The brow line is just right and overall I find this helmet very comfortable. On the Diavel the noise reduction is significant – particularly exhaust and at lower speeds wind noise is dramatically reduced. The muffs are easy to adjust whilst riding and the helmet feels very secure with the muffs inflated.

The visor is easy to adjust with positive position clicks and ventilation is good. A drop down sun visor would be a great addition.

Personally this helmet is the ideal solution as I do not like ear plugs and when riding the muffs are not noticeable. I have not tried the audio yet.

David Young
Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom
September 21st, 2015



Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Motocross Helmet
Steve Schreck Rides:
2014 Yamaha Viper


Huge Difference

So I took a chance on the Quiet Ride Helmet due to fatigue riding a bike and a sled. Since I ride with open helmets, there is excessive wind noise. This changes everything! What a difference. I can still hear almost everything but it is such a difference in volume. And my ears do not feel constricted like before with plugs. I can't wait for the snow to fly and try it on a long trip in the UP. I'll write another review titled Huge Diff Part II. 
In addition, Al did a great job explaining the differences. Glad I listened. Thank you. 

Steve Schreck
Muskego, Wisconsin
September 9th, 2015



Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
David Grimes Rides:
In the stable right now: 2010 Triumph Tiger 1050, 2014 Harley Ultra

Ok, I'm not much of a review person, but when something is this revolutionary I can't help but want to spread the word. 400 miles with the helmet this weekend, it is exactly as advertised if not better. Quality of helmet is as good or better than most I have owned in 30+ years of riding. The wind noise reduction is far better than anything else out there many of which can be as much as twice the price. The nice part was while in town where I want to hear the traffic noise I just quickly deflate the ear piece and then it's about like any other full face helmet. I guess if I have any negative feedback or concern would be the durability of the pump mechanism, but time will tell. Fit was good just sized according to what I normally wear XL, little tight in cheeks but seemed like with a little break in should be fine. All in all, I couldn't be more pleased. I'd like to see an internal dark slip down visor as opposed to swapping the main visor out.

David Grimes

Pontotoc, Mississippi
September 7th, 2015



Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Carmelo H Rides:
2013 Zero DS Electric motorcycle


"This has to be one of the best helmets I have owned so far and is my defacto standard helmet I always reach for when I ride. I purchased it over a month ago and I do not regret it. Sizing chart seemed to be spot on for me as I knew my exact hat size so no returns needed.

My riding situation is slightly different than most people as my motorcycle barely makes a peep at any speed and is completely silent (sounds like it's turned off) when at a stoplight or stop sign. The most noise it makes is a slight futuristically quiet whir so it feels like your gliding on a magic carpet shaped like a motorcycle. My previous bikes were a 2006 BMW 1200gs and a 1998 BMW F650, but yes, I ride an electric motorcycle now, a 2013 Zero DS to be exact. Because of my ride, I find the helmet most useful at high speeds where all I hear is wind with no engine noise at all; now it's crazy silent when I ride. At low speeds, I let the air out the muffs and can hear nature around me, though it's slightly more muffled then with other full face helmets, but that's perfectly fine when I have the screen up. This silent helmet is a perfect complement to a silent motorcycle.

One slight disappointment I had, not with the helmet itself mind you, is that I wish I knew about this helmet years ago when I first started riding motorcycles. IMO more practical, useful, and in the same price range as most great helmets. Reminds me of when I discovered air bag jackets; I had to think about some issues I didn't like about motorcycles over the years (like lack of extreme but practical protection for the rest of your body, then ear plugs that wouldn't slowly fall out and so I could protect my hearing in the most practical but best way possible), then spend a bunch of time researching what was out there before stumbling upon something like this.

Overall, I think this helmet is the best one I've had and has surpassed my expectations for a quiet helmet."

Carmelo H
Longmont, Colorado
September 7th 2015



Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Motocross Helmet
Cameron Evangelisti Rides:
SKI-DOO Open Mod 600 and Stock 600 Grass Drags and hill climbs.

I was looking for a helmet that would be light, durable, and would keep the noise down on my drag snowmobiles.  This summer I found what I was looking for! Quit Ride Helmets, offer all that and more!  When tested on my open mod 600 skidoo it was quieter then sticking ear plugs in my ears and having a snug helmet on! Now I don’t have to keep sticking in ear plugs in before I race and worry about where I put them or having dirty ones in my ears! It knocks down the noise of the pipes and when I am on my stock sled you can barely here it run! This is making it more enjoyable to race this year and less frustrating without messing with ear plugs! I full hearty support this product and will be racing with it this year!


Cameron Evangelisti
Old Saybrook, CT
September 6th 2015



Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
James Winfield Rides:
2008 Kawasaki KLR 650 & 2008 Honda CBR 600RR


This helmet is spectacular.

I have been riding for several decades now and have never seen anything like this before. The helmet is very light weight and fits my head perfectly. The Visor moves up and down very easily and stays in place where you put it. I enjoy the feeling that the air bladder has on the helmet. It creates a very secure fit and keeps the helmet from tiring my neck muscles on long rides. Having the headphones makes my commute to work much nicer. I look forward to upgrading to the Bluetooth option because I hate cords. The air is very still inside the front of the helmet, which normally would be an issue, but opening the mouth vent or cracking the visor open does not add very much sound and allows a great deal of air flow in.

A very well made helmet. I strongly recommend it to anyone who rides long periods of time.

James Winfield
Decatur, Georgia
September 2, 2015



Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Daniel Snyder Rides:
1999 Buell M2 Cyclone


"I am very pleased with my quiet ride helmet. There is no other helmet quite like this. Trust me, I turned every stone on the internet trying to find a helmet that would protect my ears from permanent damage. I'm 21, so my hearing is fine for now but with how much I ride it's only a matter of time before I become another old rider who started wearing ear plugs after noticing his hearing isn't what it used to be. By then the damage is done and I've seen the deep regret these old riders have, as hearing loss is a scary thing. However, who really wants to put on ear plugs every time they ride? Not only are they annoying but they usually become dislodged either when I put the helmet on or when I pop my ears and then it's useless. Not with this helmet. You just put it on and the pump seals the muffs perfectly around your ears, giving the same vacuum sensation as ear plugs but when you swallow, you hear a little noise as the air escapes, then quiet as the muffs reseal. Even more, the vents seal tightly as does the visor and you get an air skirt, adding to the peace and security you feel inside your shell of silence even at high freeway speeds. You still hear the wind, but I would compare its volume to the cabin of my BMW convertible with the top up, which is quiet enough to let you hear your own thoughts and really focus on what you're doing rather than what the forces of nature are doing to you. It has a quick fastening and release clip, which is cool, and easy enough that I actually bother to clip it back together to use as a handle for carrying the helmet. My only complaints are small ones. The strap feels a little further towards my neck than my chin, but I got used to it quickly and don't even notice the difference now. The speakers are low quality (earsplitting highs, barely audible lows) but good enough for most purposes and not the reason I bought the helmet in the first place. Overall a quality helmet that I will continue to enjoy each day. Worth every penny

Daniel Snyder
San Marcos, California
August 31st, 2015



Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Thomas Gehrels Rides:
88 BMW K75


I want to thank you for the helmet.

I ride a bike without a windshield, and the noise when riding on the highway has always been an issue. The quiet ride carbon fiber full face helmet has significantly reduced the noise, and is much more convenient and comfortable than wearing earplugs. No more ringing in my ears after a long ride.

All in all, very pleased with my purchase, 5/5 stars.

Thomas Gehrels
Tucson, Arizona
August 11th, 2015



Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Bob Cushing Rides:
2007 Honda 600cc Silver Wing, a 1989 Honda pc 800 Pacific Coast and a Honda Reflex 250cc. Owner has many other motorcycles and ridden for over 50 years


I don't usually do reviews but  this was such an outstanding product that I felt I should spread the word. The Quiet Ride Helmet uses an inflatable bladder placed behind a set of ear-muffs mounted in the helmet. It has an easily accessed small pump mounted on front of helmet which lets you add or remove however much air you feel works best. More air gives a tighter fit around your ears and less noise -less air the opposite. I found just a small amount ie; 5-6 pumps was plenty -if you pump as you are riding you can easily detect the sound change. To my knowledge there is nothing else out there that can compare to the sound reduction you get from this helmet. It is so much better than a standard full face it is hard to believe. Sizing seems the same as HJC standard sizes -although initially you might think it is tighter because of sliding past the ear muffs but once on it is fine. Even with no air it is probably quieter than most and once you pump a little air in you will be a believer.

I have used several types of earplugs in the past and this helmet is quieter and much more comfortable than using ear plugs.

I did not test speakers as I don't listen  to music when I ride and cable from back liner of helmet is easily removed so I did that and just left speakers in place in muffs -you don't even know they are there.

Helmet paint and finish is nice and it is pretty light and comfortable.

I usually ride behind windshield (3 different bikes) and use helmet w/o shield -which is easily removable- and wear sunglasses which also fit fine w/earmuffs. Engine noise behind shield was my biggest issue with other helmets and now it's no problem at all -I can basically tune out as much engine noise as I want by pumping in more or less air.

Finally, the owner Al is  very responsive and nice to deal with which is a big plus -if you have any issues he is known to take care of them. You really can't go wrong with this helmet, try it - you will like it!

 Bob Cushing 
Cazenovia NY.
July 31st, 2015



Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Steve Cottrell Rides:
2004 Harley Dyna Super Glide


I have a slight case of tendinitis and I became worried about additional hearing damage due to my long road trips on my Harley Super Glide. I bought construction ear muffs; cut off the ear rings installed them into my BLT modular Helmet. Trouble was, I could not get the helmet on over my ears. Never thought about an air bladder. Once I saw the Quiet Ride Helmet, I immediately ordered the carbon fiber model.

What a joy now to ride in relative quiet, enjoying my tunes as I go. I highly recommend this helmet to anyone wishing to preserve their hearing while enjoying a good ride. Good job Quiet Ride Helmet.

Steve Cottrell
Royal Palm Beach, FL
July 24th, 2015


Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Thomas Derstine Rides:
2012 Yamaha V-Star 950


I have been able to take two long rides with the full face quiet ride helmet. It works very well to reduce noise. So I have no problem hearing my music or any intercom communication with my GPS and with other riders, even at highway speeds. You will always have some kind of noise from wind hitting your helmet especially at high speeds,  you will not get rid of all of that. But, it's not whistling in your ear and that's what counts. I have emailed the company several times and have talked to them on the phone before and after my purchase they have always treated me with the up most respect. I talked to them about some day coming out with a helmet with the flip down dark shield that is great for those that wear glasses. Keep up the good work.

Thomas Derstine
Newton, Kansas
July 18th, 2015



Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Ram Chandrasekaran Rides:
2006 Honda VFR 800


I stumbled onto the quiet ride webpage from a motorcycling forum, I thought the idea was smart enough, but implementation sounded tricky. Plus, buying the helmet (as opposed to just the system) meant essentially buying an unheard of manufacturer helmet. While the helmet is obviously DOT rated, I had doubts about if the helmet would get the basics right. That is the basic design issues that helmet manufacturers have ironed out over decades of making helmets. These were my reservations before shelling out $300.00s for this helmet.

A little bit about myself, I’ve been riding motorcycles for about 13 years now and have owned several helmets. Most of them were AGV or Shoei and typically in the $300-$400 range. I also am primarily (these days) a sport touring rider with some commuting thrown in. I am also sensitive to a lot of pressure on my ears for extended periods of time, which means by the end of a lot riding day, my ears are screaming for relief.

Onto the product itself, the helmet was delivered as promised. The fit and finish were of a very good quality. It was on par with any helmet I’ve bought from major manufacturers. It came with the cable attachment for a 3.5mm audio jack. The size ran true for a Shoei or Scorpion helmet. Putting the helmet on did fold up my ears, but then again so has every other helmet. Once you adjust your ears into the “headphones” it gets very comfortable. At this point, without using the air pump, the noise level felt similar to having a regular set of over-the-ear headphones on. I felt a little discomfort from the air pressure this causes, but I got used to the feeling pretty quickly. The sound dampening even at this point is serious enough that you will have trouble hearing people not talking loudly enough. Once you get riding, you immediately notice how much quieter it is. It is very similar to riding with ear plugs. In fact, I found the usage of the air pump to create a “seal” not particularly necessary until I got going a bit faster. At about 80mph on the freeway, I definitely needed to create the seal. I also wear glasses and the helmet worked better than I could’ve hoped for with them on. The cushion just sealed around the glasses with no additional pressure applied on my temple. I am just coming off a 5day 2,000mile ride for the 4th of July week and the helmet was exemplary. The speakers could’ve been better, but did a satisfactory job. The biggest cons I could think of are these. First, the strap was a little long and made a flapping noise at times. I fixed this with a rubber band lying around at home. Second, the way the strap and speakers are mounted they tended to make some of the side cushioning loose when you take the helmet on and off repeatedly as you do on a long trip. This was fixed by shoving the cushion back into its place. I had to think hard to come up with those “issues”.

Overall, this helmet works great. It makes riding at 80mph sound like riding at 30mph. The biggest complement I can give it though, I put on my old helmet for a short ride, and almost immediately thought, ‘WOW, it is loud in here’. The icing on the cake was that the creator of the helmet, Al, was great to work with. He answered all my questions very patiently and made me comfortable ordering this helmet online without having tried it on. It is seriously one of the best solutions I’ve seen out there for helmet speakers.

Ram Chandrasekaran
Ann Arbor, Michigan
July 14th, 2015



Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Christina Casper Rides:
Honda 2012 gl1800, 2001 Kawasaki Zrx1200r


I have been trying for years to find a full face helmet that fit and didn't pinch or scrunch. I have tried on many different brands and styles to no avail. Two weeks ago my husband bought a new helmet from Rays Sport and Cycle and said "Honey, you should try on my new helmet and see if you like it". I just kind of ignored him because helmets haven't been a joy for me to try on. One day he was leaving for work and I said "okay....I'll try it on".  No kidding, from the very first second I knew we had a winner. It was comfy, not squishy and when I pumped it up it fit even better. His very next day off I had a new helmet too!!!  It has been great for wind and sound reduction.I have always enjoyed riding and now it is even better!!

Christina Casper
Grand Rapids MN                                                             
July 8th, 2015



Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Jenna Mendoza Rides:
Honda Rebel 250


Fit for my large carbon fiber helmet was good, and the crown and cheek pads are removable for cleaning. The ventilation system proved very effective when cooling airflow was desire. This is the quietest helmet I have ever tested. easily removable face shield performed very well. The chin bar vent was quite effective. It’s easily the lightest helmet I have ever had, and lightness is a major factor in day-long comfort. Its lack of weight, while nevertheless meeting the tough DOT standard. With its lightness, comfortable interior, quiet operation, easy shield changing and effective venting, The carbon fiber quiet ride helmet after a 100 mile ride offered a lot of function with plenty of ear protection. A very satisfied customer.   Thank you Quiet Ride for helping me protect my hearing while enjoying my motorcycle.

Jenna Mendoza
Hesperia, California
July 6th, 2015


Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Ken Vaudrin Rides:
Honda 2012 gl1800, 2001 Kawasaki Zrx1200r, 1978 Yamaha XS650, 1975 Honda 500c, 1975 Honda 500t, 2008 Yamaha TTR-230, 1997 Fantic Section 250, and 2013 Yamaha TTR 110



I have had my quiet ride helmet one day and all ready I know, this is the quietest helmet I have ever owned. I really like the quick release chin strap. Everything felt comfortable right from the get go. I ride many types of motorcycles and this will be my go to helmet for all of them. I will be buying another for my wife . I highly recommend a quiet ride helmet.

Ken Vaudrin
Grand Rapids, Minnesota
June 26th, 2015



Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Johan van Heerde Rides:
2010 Ducati Multistrada S Touring and 2004 BMW R1100S Boxercup Replika

I have been told I had to protect my hearing as I have some hearing loss. I have always been frustrated by excessive wind noise drowning out music on my earphones. I Googled Quit helmets and found the Quiet Ride website. I called Al to clarify some issues before ordering and was impressed with the direct contact and excellent service. I used the sizing info on the Quiet Ride website and ordered an XL, and found the fit spot on. The helmet is impressively well made, and well finished. The Visor action is smooth and solid and the quick release buckle great to use. I found that I hardly needed to inflate the muffs as outside noise is immediately considerably reduced due to the excellent fit. I was also worried about being totally cut off from the outside world, but am impressed that I can still hear enough to be aware of my surroundings. I installed my Chatterbox headset and can now listen to music even at highway cruising speed on my sport touring bike with small windscreen. Looking forward to the modular version. I've been looking for a quitter helmet for a long time and believe the best solution to a problem is the simplest one - Inflatable ear muffs!! Great idea, Al. 

Johan van Heerde
Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
June 25th, 2014



Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Dale Walker Rides:
2014 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited


Exceeded expectations 

I am a retired sailor with poor hearing. With my Bell Max 9 3/4 helmet I found myself turning the volume up on my headset. Then I would slow down and volume was too high, to the point it hurt my ears. 

So, to the Internet I go to research a quiet helmet. For some reason the Quiet Ride Helmet was not a part of my first search. I noticed that helmets advertising themselves as quiet were expensive so I searched some more and find the Quiet Ride and it seems too good to be true. The more I read the better it sounded. I did have a concern about sizing a helmet without trying it on first. I sent the company an email explaining I seem to be between sizes because of the shape of my head. The reply was immediate and I was assured that if it did not fit they would send me a return label and exchange it. So, I ordered. 

The helmet arrives and I hit the road. WOW! The darn thing really is quiet. I expected a reduction in the noise level, but nothing as good as this. I was listening to Old Time Radio shows on my iPod with the volume set the same as if I was sitting in my house AND I heard every word. 

Just as I feared, I picked the wrong size. True to their word the company immediately sent out a replacement helmet. 

Here we are at the bottom line. The product works better than advertised, the company was responsive to my concerns, and they delivered. 


Dale Walker
Petoskey, Michigan
June 19th, 2015



uiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face Helmet
Bill Simpson Rides:
Honda ST1100, Suzuki V-Strom 650, Vespa 250, and Suzuki GS1150



Within a few years all motorcycle helmets will incorporate some version of Al Halfaker’s Quiet Ride Helmet. Why not? The Quiet Ride Helmet quiets the ride.

The Quiet Ride has first class fit and finish, as good or better than any of my more expensive helmets. The full face Carbon Fiber is a great looking, well-built helmet. Exterior is shiny black carbon. Interior is plush. Air ventilation is good; could be improved. The strap is one of the best I’ve encountered. It’s very lightweight for a full face helmet.

But the reason the Quiet Ride is head and shoulders above the competition is the noise reduction system built into the helmet. I have been riding for thirty-nine years. Sport bikes and sport touring bikes mostly. Noise, especially wind buffeting, has always been a major headache. I would estimate the Quiet Ride eliminates 50-75% of wind buffeting. No, it’s not dead silent, but get those muffs positioned correctly and wind noise drifts into the background so you can ride and ride and ride.

I’ve ridden with the Quiet Ride on my ST1100, my V-Strom 650, my Vespa 250, and my GS1150. These bikes provide a wide range of wind protection. In all cases the ride was significantly improved by the Quiet Ride helmet.

For a very quiet ride, blow the bladders up so the muffs surround your ears. For a slightly less quiet ride inflate the bladders halfway. For a normal (noisy) ride, like you get with your present helmet (and I don’t care if you paid $150 or $750) don’t blow up the bladders at all.

The Quiet Ride is the motorcycle helmet of the future available right now. I ordered mine and had it two or three days later. I’ve now been using it for several weeks and rarely do I reach for any of the other numerous helmets I have resting on the shelf in my garage.

Bill Simpson
Peapack/Gladstone, NJ
June 17th, 2015



Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Darrin Blackman Rides:
2007 Triumph Tiger 1050 with a MRA windscreen


Upon receiving the helmet I noticed it had very nice detailed packaging. This would be good for someone that doesn’t know anything about the helmet and how it would differ from other helmets.

Once I removed the helmet from the box I looked over the helmet. Helmet has a very nice fit and finish. The actuation of visor was noticeably very positive meaning moving the visor up and down was not vague like other helmets… it clicked into position and firmly closed around the seal. The pump on the front of the helmet looked out of place but that’s just because there has not been a helmet like this to my knowledge.

The routing of the cable for the headset out the back of the helmet was done very well. Most situations the cable just falls out of the helmet because they are not routed through a cable carrier like this helmet… again a very nice touch.

The remaining materials seem to be high quality. The helmet has a very high gloss black. It is my understanding that other colors will be available later in production.

One note that I did not like about the helmet was the stickers on the helmet. The name of the helmet Quiet Ride Helmet is found not only above the visor but on both sides and they are larger decals. The decals have a clear coat over them so removing them is not an option. One above the visor would be enough…but I would assume that since this is early production it is for product recognition.

The helmet sizing for me is spot on with other manufactures. I wear a size XL with HJC and Shoei and this helmet fits my head the same. The main problem with the helmet for me is putting it on. I find that I have to maneuver the helmet around and pull on my ears a lot to get my ears seated in the muff properly. Now while I put this as a negative, the benefits far outweigh that small inconvenience. Around town I don’t necessarily I feel the need for this type of helmet…mainly because it works really, really well. I kind of like to hear the traffic around me and my own motorcycle when riding around town. I am not knocking this helmet for around town, it functions very well in town, just my personal preference.

But let me get to the meat and potatoes of this review…what I feel this helmet was made for. I commute 100 miles on I-40 for work. I ride a 2007 Triumph Tiger 1050 with a MRA windscreen. I love my bike but it is not quiet on the highway. I have rode with 3 different HJC helmets using ear plugs and ear buds for music….neither are easy to use when putting on a helmet. I have also ridden with a Shoei Qwest (known as a quiet helmet) and a UClear HBC200 bluetooth module. The HJC is fine for around town but you will go deaf on the highway. The Shoei was 100x better than the HJC but very difficult to hear the music on the UClear speakers and still significant wind noise.

The Quiet Ride Helmet is game changing on the highway. The best way I can describe it is flying in a passenger jet as opposed to riding on the wing. Yes you can still hear the wind rushing by but it is negligible. And you can hear your music with ease without cranking it way up. The muffs seal around your ear but still allow you to hear outside noises (horns/sirens) without the mind numbing sound of wind in your ears. The only thing I would like to suggest is a little higher quality speaker in the muff. I am a bit of an audiophile but at this point I am splitting hairs. Overall all I can say about the Quiet Ride Helmet on the highway is amazing!!!! I have never been happier with a helmet in my life.

Alvin Halfaker has been very responsive when I have had any questions and I feel that he represents the company very well. I will certainly buy an off road version for my KTM 950SE for those longer off road rides.

Overall, great fit and finish great performance, great company, and honestly a tremendous value for what you get. You will not be disappointed with a Quiet Ride Helmet.

Darrin Blackman
Flagstaff, Arizona
May 27, 2015



Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face helmet
Joyce Miller Rides:
2010 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic


My husband bought me the Quite Ride Full faced helmet last week .  Several weeks ago we took a 2 day ride on our Harley using the ¾ Helmet, needless to say, my ears were hurting.  So we were excited to make our purchase for the Quiet Ride helmet and give it a try.

Yesterday I used the Quiet Ride Helmut for several hours of bike riding.  The fact that my ears feel fine and great today are a testimony to how well this helmet works.  We rode Interstate part of the way and the noise did not bother me.

Was surprised at just how much it actually dimmed the motorcycle noise .  I was able to hook up my Iphone to the speaker and listen to my music.

Has a great stereo sound. 

I wasn’t sure how I would enjoy a full faced helmet after using the ¾, but I can honestly say I did not mind it all. Matter of fact, I like the way it fits.

It’s a secure fit but allows me to open the visor whenever I want to let more air in. 

I will recommend this helmet to my friends.  I love my Quiet Ride Full faced helmet.

Joyce Miller
Sarasota, Florida
May 26, 2015



Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face helmet
William Craig Rides:
2015 Moto Guzzi V7 II Stone


People are funny: if we had jobs running tractors or mowers, jackhammers or stamping presses, we'd wear the toughest hearing protection we could afford. Who wants to go deaf for a paycheck? But tell motorcyclists, snowmobilers or rock concertgoers they ought to wear earplugs, and most will look at you like you just don't get it. Somehow, when we're having fun, hearing loss is supposed to be fun, too.

I ordered a Quiet Ride fiberglass full-face helmet because I know I've already lost as much hearing as I care to lose to motorcycle engine and wind noise, not to mention all those rock 'n' roll years... My inner ears just plain hurt sometimes, as they used to after playing bar gigs. Honestly, I would have bought a Quiet Ride a year ago, but the choice of black or black clashed with another of my ATGATT scruples: Be Seen. But I'm about to leave on my first cross-continent motorcycle ride, and the thought of 3,200 miles of ear pain made the decision for me. I decided to get a Quiet Ride and have it repainted or give it a reflective-tape makeover. (Still not sure which; I'll be blogging at and posting pics.)

The helmet arrived last week. Just like the website copy says, now I'm leaving my earplugs at home. Actually, I'm not sure I could fit them in; the Quiet Ride in large is a slightly tighter fit than my large Shoei RF-1000. But it's a GOOD fit, and when the earmuffs close on my head, I feel I'm combining hearing protection with the custom fit of one of those inflate-to-fit helmets.

I have some quibbles with my Quiet Ride -- I'll blog in detail later, if folks want more info -- but quibbles are little things. The GREAT thing is... quiet. Yes, for those of you who worry, I can hear the 18-wheeler coming up behind me. But no, I don't have to hear gear, valve and chain noise sizzling in my ears, or feel the boom-boom of airflow helmet buffeting as so many little punches to the eardrum. It's quiet and peaceful in there, and riding is an unmixed pleasure again.

Anyone who is concerned about hearing loss -- which ought to be everyone -- should try a Quiet Ride Helmet. There's nothing else like it. Unfortunately, we all like to think we're going to be 25 forever, so too few riders are likely to try a Quiet Ride before they've already suffered significant hearing loss. But if you know you're not hearing everything you used to -- or if you're one of those rare folks who think ahead to prevent hearing loss -- you owe it to yourself to put one of these on, pump the earmuffs snug and hear how comfortably, safely quiet motorcycling can be.

Please forgive the long post; I'm a writer by trade, and it's harder to be brief than to let it fly.

William Craig
Thetford Center, Vermont
May 19, 2015



Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face Helmet
Greg Butler Rides:
2010 Kawasaki Vulcan 900  


I just got the new helmet today. Not only does it look awesome but it functions just as good as it looks. I went from a $60 dollar Bilt helmet where I couldn't hear myself think to this helmet and it being quiet. The freeway sound level is way better and I can hear my  music nice and clear and at a manageable level. I have already recommended this to my coworkers and would definitely recommend it to anyone else. Thanks for making a great product.

Greg Butler
San Luis Obispo, California
May 1, 2015



Quiet Ride Fiberglass Full Face helmet
Don McSwain Rides:
BMW F650GS & 2006 GL 1800 Goldwing


I received the helmet this afternoon.  Thanks for the fast service!  The fit was just right. 

Here is my early review:

After looking over the helmet and practicing with the air bladder, I went for a ride on my BMW F650GS with no fairing and a minimal windscreen.  Please understand that know I am probably more critical about noise than most.  Being a musician with severe hearing loss, I am trying to protect my remaining hearing while still enjoying bike riding (in spite of the noise).  My first concern was the amount of noise that I still heard, especially buffeting.  After a few miles, however, I realized that while still present, the wind and buffeting sound was significantly reduced from my old helmet without earplugs.  I am going on a 12 day riding adventure in the Alps this June on a similar bike.  I will still need to use ear plugs along with the bladder cups for noise reduction (and hearing preservation).  For me it will take both to get the noise level I need on this style bike.  It is clear that I do not need to ride a "naked" bike anymore with my hearing loss.

My second test was on my 2006 GL1800 Goldwing with a tall windscreen.  What a pleasure it was riding with your helmet on that bike!!  The lack of noise was bliss.  I felt your bladder ear cups were all the noise reduction I will ever need on the "wing".  Since I do most of my riding on this bike, your noise reduction is much appreciated.  

Don McSwain
Fayetteville, GA
April 27, 2015



Quiet Ride Carbon Fiber Full Face helmet
Max Dufour Rides: 
2013 Suzuki M90