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Speaker Installation in Ear Muff


Remove side pad which is Velcroed around ear muff


Next remove electrician tape around speaker wire connection just outside or ear muff and unplug speaker wire.

Next remove ear muff being careful not un stick Velcro on bladder when removing earmuff by sticking finger under earmuff to separate Velcro on ear muff from Velcro on bladder.

Ear muff comes with 3/4' tape on ear muff pad and on ABS washer ear muff base cup. Tape over ear muff pad and ear muff cup is there for two reasons. One, when you put helmet on and off tape will not allow ear muff pad to come off of ABS washer it is stuck to. Second, ear muff is quieter with electrician tape added seal between ABS washer and pad that is snapped onto ABS washer. See picture below with #/4" electricians tape removed.

Next separate ABS washer and pad that snaps onto ABS cup using plier style tool below.

Remove speaker carefully that is Velcroed to Velcro stuck on to ABS cup. Note position of speaker in cup. You will want to put your speaker in same location so the flap of your ear goes behind speakers in ear muffs
You should be able to use Velcro that is in each ear muff cup to Velcro your speaker in place. You may need to purchase hock Velcro to stick on back of speakers to Velcro to loop Velcro left in ear muff cups.
Snap ear muff pads back onto ear muff cup.

Next reintstall electrians tape around ear muff half on ear muff pad an half on ABS cup as shown in picture below.
Make sure to reinstall tape around speaker line coming out of muff to make sure there is no air leak at hole.
Reinstall ear muff and reinstall side padding.

Start the process all over on the other side of helmet.