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Upgrading to Quiet Ride headphone ear muffs


Quiet Ride HD helmet speaker that is Velcroed into ear noise reduction muffs. Helmet speaker sound quality is good for communication, but not good for listening to music.


Helmet speaker exposed showing electricians tap around connection just outside of ear muff


Remove tape from speaker line connector just outside of ear muff to disconnect. For some reason connection is loose in cold weather so I have been taping this connection to assure it does not come disconnected cold weather.


Unplug connector


Bottom view of ear noise reduction muff with sticky back Velcro stuck to ear muff that will attach to air bladder


Stick fingers under ear muff to separate Velcro on bottom of ear muff cup from Velcro glued to air bladder. If Velcro becomes unstuck to latex rubber bladder glue back on with "Goop" silicone product or buy a small piece of 2" Hook Velcro from hardware store and stick onto latex air bladder.


Picture below shows Velcro 2 inches long by 3/4 inch wide stuck on latex rubber bladder.


Picture below shows headphone Velcroed onto air bladder on left side of motocross helmet


Connector has one wrap of electricians tape around connector to make sure it does not wiggle loose. Speaker line connector just outside of ear muff can come apart on its own in cold weather. I suggest retaping connection with electricians tape once around connector to make sure connector does not come apart in future.


Side pad reinstalled on left side of motocross helmet surrounding ear noise reduction muff with deluxe optional Quiet Ride headphone. Headphone provides sound quality with good midrange and bass for music enjoyment only found in quality headphones with 40 mm headphone speaker using neodymium magnet.