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About Quiet Ride Helmets


Savings!!  Purchase helmets company direct from Grand Rapids, MN  Savings!!

Patented technology - Noise reduction muffs incorporated into motorcycle helmets.

Quality helmets - lightweight Carbon Fiber shells and lightweight Fiberglass shells

Three major Advantages ---- Creates ultimate user friendly helmet

star.png Noise reduction tested

star.png Headphone sound system in noise reduction muffs

star.png Intercom sound quality is excellent at hwy speeds

Noise reduction tested: "Tinnitus sufferers" Quiet Ride Helmets provide relief to tinnitus symptoms caused by loud noise. All Quiet Ride Helmets have large around ear noise reduction muffs incorporated into helmets providing PNC ( passive noise cancellation). Air bladders located between inside of helmet shell and back side of ear noise reduction muff when inflated force ear muff pad to seal around ears which restricts exterior sound entering ears. Official government testing rates full face helmet at NRR19 (65%-70% reduction in sound entering ears).


Headphone sound system in noise reduction muffs: All Quiet Ride Helmets have headphone sound system incorporated into around ear noise reduction muffs. Headphone sound systems provide superior midrange and bass sounds missing in all helmet speakers Strong midrange and bass sound is obtained by using 40 mm quality neodymium magnet in speakers. Sound quality is similar to many Bose, Sennheiser, or Beats headphones.


Intercom sound quality is excellent at hwy speeds: Around ear noise reduction muffs restrict exterior machine and wind noise from interfering with headphone sound system in muffs.

All Quiet Ride Helmets include quality custom intercom with wireless remote for installation on left side of handlebars. It is much easier and safer to adjust intercom controls that you can see in front of you on left side handle bar with thumb or index finger versus attempting to adjust intercom controls on left side of helmet you cannot see.