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Message from Quiet Ride Helmet designer/inventor - Al Halfaker

Personally after 40 years of riding and enduring excessive engine noise and wind noise my hearing was deteriorating to the point of either stop riding to protect what hearing I had left or continue to ride and loose my hearing.

My mission over the last four years has been to design the first motorcycle/snowmobile helmet that incorporates noise reduction technology and at the same time meets DOT safety requirements so I could continue to ride and others could continue to ride without damaging hearing or possibly going deaf.

I developed a patent revolved around installation of ear noise reduction muffs in motorcycle helmets to reduce exterior noise entering a riders ears. US Patent #8,429,766 B2

To my knowledge Quiet Ride Helmets are the first helmet company in the U.S. or the world for that matter to obtain a third party government tested noise reduction rating.   

I had Quiet Ride Helmets tested for actual noise reduction so I could legally advertise noise reduction rating. Advertising a noise reduction rating required tests performed by an authorized U.S. government agency to legally advertise any type of noise reduction rating. On July 2nd, 2014 Quiet Ride Motocross helmets obtained a noise reduction rating of NRR 17 and Quiet Ride Full Face Helmets obtained a noise reduction rating of NRR 19 from a U.S. government auditory systems laboratory testing agency.

In the beginning I researched having helmets made in the U.S. I discovered there are no motorcycle helmet factories in our country that can compete price wise with helmets made in China, India, Japan, South Korea or Italy manufactures.

Quiet Ride Helmets are made by a high quality helmet manufacturing company in China. I picked China factory to make Quiet Ride Helmets because of their reputation for making quality helmets and for their exceptional research and development personnel who were capable of designing and developing new innovative ear noise reduction muff helmet technology within a motocross and full face helmet model.

In the future there will be a Quiet Ride modular helmet and a 3/4 open helmet model designed and produced by this factory.

Quiet Ride carbon fiber helmet shells are made of multiple layers of extremely strong hand laid, carbonized Kevlar® fibers with multiple layers of resin which take a lot more time to produce than vacuum molded composite shells. Due to the inherent strength of both carbon and Kevlar, less material is needed to achieve maximum helmet performance, strength and durability. As a result, DOT approved carbon fiber helmets are the lightest helmet shells you can buy, but also the most expensive shells to manufacturing

Quiet Ride fiberglass shells are made from multiple layers of fiberglass fiber cloth combined with multiple layers of resin and hand laid which also take a lot more time to produce versus vacuum molded composite shells. The strength of the fiberglass weave allows for a thinner lighter shell that will pass DOT testing also.

Vacuum molded thermoplastic shells or ABS vacuum molded plastic shells must be molded thicker to acquire enough strength to pass DOT testing or any other code test. Added thickness translates into a heavier helmet shells. At this point in time Quiet Ride Helmets do not make any of these less expensive heavier helmet shells.

Using ear noise reduction muffs to protect your hearing have two advantages. Helmet speakers located in ear muffs create better sound quality for intercom communication or listening to music. Second, a small amount of ear muff pad pressure around ears to block exterior noise entering ears is a lot more comfortable than forcing ear plugs into your ears.                                   

In conclusion, If you are a motorcycle rider or a snowmobile rider who rides all day and typically experiences ringing ears from listening to high sound decibels all day, a new Quiet Ride Helmet should be in your future.

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Al Halfaker